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Hot Girl

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Rosamund Pike


Fic Diving 01/10/2017

Tuesday January 10, 2017 at 10:44 AM

Each week I will brave the treacherous waters of Fan Fiction for buried treasure!

How 'bout that?
A Fic Dive that is on time!!

Please remember to tell the writers that you found them here on ADF!!

The Last House on Blackberry Lane by shouldbecleaning
A small New England town, a house shrouded in mystery and a young man who is come from away. 

Set in the 1920's.  Edward moves to New England to live with relatives and is intrigued by the Swan house and it's occupants.

Old School by bornonhalloween
He's old school, and I think I like it! 2nd Place Judges' and Public Votes, P.S. I LOVE YOU CONTEST. 

Bella is a Hooters gal being courted by a gentlemanly Edward.  :)

The Magic Within by tufano79
In a world where magic has ceased to exist for hundreds of years, a sole male possesses an unknown power. It slumbers deep within him, churning and pleaded to come out. She is like him, ordinary, mediocre and stuck in a loveless marriage to a monster where she endures his anger and rage. She, too, holds a secret. Could it be the magic within? 

Just getting started.  Edward is a down on his luck attorney.  Bella is his new client.  Odd things are happening!


Vinyl by OhGeeFantasy
He's young, good-looking and just passing through. She's beautiful, kind and someone's mom. Can records and workouts be the key to their happiness? Will it be enough? Or will their relationship fall flat when push comes to shove? My entry in the May to December Romance Contest. E/B *Complete* 

Two Blue Lines by Payton79
Bella, a good girl, was dumped by her long-time boyfriend. Edward, a young doctor, is feeling suffocated by his father's plans. Waking up next to a stranger is a shock for a good girl. Seeing the girl of your dreams run out on you the morning after sucks for a nice guy. What if two blue lines will bind the two together for life? What if they can't even remember how they came to be? 

Topsy-Turvy by TheFicChick

"I just…these could be the last three minutes, you know? Like, the last three minutes before…things are different." 

Hope everyone's 2017 is off to a great start!  Happy Reading!  Thank you for your feedback and support!


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Publishing The Parachutist

Tuesday January 10, 2017 at 9:24 AM

Hallo dears,

Il Pellegrinaggio (The Pilgrimage) will be in bookshops next February 2nd and I have been already booked for a presentation in the following weeks. (Book signing, I am so excited). I have also created an Italian Facebook page to help with the publicity.
In the meanwhile I am working with my agent-editor on The Parachutist, with could be my second book in print, if the publishers accept it.. Suitably changed so to avoid copyright problems I managed to make of it a sort of sequel to my first book (Adso, and not Carlisle anymore, will be the good vampire who will mentor the hero, now re-named David).

Point is that the moment I go public with my first book I can be identified as Camilla/Camilla10, while for the Italian edition I use my real name.
Therefore it is necessary that by the end of the month I take away The Parachutist from the sites where it is posted
So, if you wish, you should save it before that.

As I did for The Pilgrimage I'll keep the PDF of the original version of the Parachutist and will send it to whomever in the fandom asks me. Fanfiction taught me to write, I'll be forever grateful to my readers and won't force them to buy a book (in Italian, for the moment, so not very appealing to foreign readers in any case!)..

And finally I have a request. I love the title The Parachutist, but I think it could be confusing. (And some people didn't read it because they thought it was an AH with no vamps) Therefore, if you have read it and have a different title to suggest please tell me (It must translate well in Italian, of course).


Since it is not free for all here is a reading suggestion

It has been updated after a looong time, but now it should go quickly.
Bella is a young doctor who during a flight is asked to help an old man. This is how she meets the man who should have been her grandfather, becoming the heiress of 12 billion dollars, putting her in the path of Lord Edward Cullen. It will surprise you


This Week In Fanfic

Monday January 9, 2017 at 3:09 PM

Again, there was some interest in this in the 2017 CF, so! 


Come inside and share your OMG and WTF moments from your fic adventures this week. Or just drop by to share a gem you found. 

Any and all fic, currently updating or long-finished is fair game. Post your thoughts, likes, dislikes, theories, etc. Just be a friend and link whatever you're talking about BEFORE the rest of your post, as a heads up to the rest of the campers who may not have read it yet. 

This CF will be posting every Monday as long as interest remains. :) 


That's your only warning. ;) 


Whatcha say?

Monday January 9, 2017 at 1:35 PM

I want to start a campfire about entertainment and gossip in Hollywood.


Suggestions on what you think?


What it should be called?




whatcha say?


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Happy Monday

Monday January 9, 2017 at 10:33 AM

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Welcome to the Monday Morning Hot Guy Campfire. What better way to start your week than a hot guy?

Every Monday, I'm going to dedicate a CF to the Hot Guy of the Week.The catch? The CF can ONLY be about the current nominated guy. 

We all have different tastes in men, so please don't yuck anyone's yum.If you have a man you'd like to see crowned for the week, PM or hit me up on twitter (@ffcherry) with his name



Sunday January 8, 2017 at 3:23 PM

I just found the most awesome tumblr site this weekend.  I may be the last to know about it, but I have never heard anyone discussing this.  


Keeping Up With the Cullens  

(what if twilight were a lame reality show?)


This is one of the best things I've ever seen.  It contains discussions with the characters, as if Twilight were actually a reality show.  How have I not heard of this before now?  There have been a lot of various blogs and different types of sites throught the history of Twilight, but most of they have died or are dying out.  This one is still posting even in 2017.  It is hysterical!!


I don't rememeber the policy on links, so I'm going to add the link in the comments section.


And to try to make this interactive....had you heard of this before?  What do you think about this site?  Are there any other Twilight related blogs or tumblr sites that you like that are still alive?


What are you watching

Sunday January 8, 2017 at 7:44 AM


ADF Book Club

Saturday January 7, 2017 at 4:06 PM




There was some interest in this in the 2017 CF, so here's what I'm thinking so far.  (Rangers? Sound good?)


1 book & 2 campfires per month. 

CF #1 will be on the 15th of every month. We can check our progress, discuss first impressions, share theories, etc. We can also discuss the book for the next month: which I will post in CF #2 and the Daily Chew CF on the 1st of each month. 

CF #2 will be on the 30th of every month. A comprehensive discussion about the book with prompting questions. (if necessary to keep the conversation going) 


These CF's would be posted at 8pm CST. (because my kid doesn't give a rat's patootie about a book club ;) )


Sound good? Comments or suggestions on the process?


February's Book



We'll skip January just to give everyone ample time to read the book. I thought Nicola Yoon would be a good choice, since I know many campers read her first novel. 

First CF will post Feb 15th. 



Open to any and all suggestions! 


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Emergency First Aid help

Saturday January 7, 2017 at 11:11 AM

Hey all!  It's the weekend, so it's Free For All posting time, I believe.  If I'm wrong, and that's changed, please forgive me.

I'm working on my second Twilight fic, and I'm hoping someone out there can give me some advice with details for a scene where there's been a shooting and my version of Edward needs to provide emergency first aid to a man who's been shot until the paramedics arrive.  (That sounds weird, but I flipped Edward and Bella around.  She's the vampire, and he's the human.)  My plan is for the man to be shot in the chest, but that's not set in stone.  If somewhere else, like the abdomen, would be better that would work just as well.  He just needs to be shot in a believeable manner during an armed robbery, and it needs to be life threatening enough that without proper immediate help, he'll die before he can be gotten to the hospital, and for Carlisle to need to be surgeon extrondonaire to save him.  My character has Edward's canon history, so she has medical degrees to her name, and would know what needed to be done.  I don't want to go into any great detail about what she's doing, but I really want what she does to be accurate.  She's 17 years old in the fic, so anything she does will need to be very basic in nature.  I've been googling, but some one-on-one help from someone who knows what their talking about would be very helpful.

If you think you could give me a little direction, it would be very appreciated!


My recs:

Bella was supposed to have died five years ago, but now Charlie isn't so sure. With the help of some trusted allies, Charlie delves into his memories to search for clues that could change everything…and bring Bella back to him. Canon through Eclipse.

This is the story of two vampires. One sinister monster who collected the humanity of others. One who struggled to find the humanity he lost. This is the story of one human. Victimized by one, saved by the other, thrown into the middle of a myth, saddled with a secret terror of one monster she could only share with another. You don't need to be human to be humane.



Feed Your Reader (1/6/2017)

Friday January 6, 2017 at 7:39 PM

Feed Your Reader

Post all the great deals you've found this week. All genres are welcome.

If you pick up a book from the comments inside, let your fellow campers know you did.


The Daily Chew! 1/6

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