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I have been SO excited for this! 

February's Book 



CF #1 is typically supposed to be a first impressions, theories, and check-in sort of a situation. I'm kind of winging this though, so if the general consensus is that having only one CF is better, we can do that, too!

I also know it's been a good long while since this idea was put out there, and that the majority of people may have finished by now. Feel free to post whatever you want and we can decide in a few days if the conversation is complete enough to skip CF #2 this time. 

Come in and discuss! 


The Daily Chew! 2/15

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What the Fic?! 2/15

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Fic Diving 02/14/2017

Tuesday February 14, 2017 at 3:16 PM

Each week I will brave the treacherous waters of Fan Fiction for buried treasure!

All Flashbacks this week!

Don't forget to vote for the Fic Dive of the Month for Dec./Jan.
Poll closes tomorrow!


Still Waters by bornonhalloween
A stressed-out grad student hiding from the world finds a mountain man of few words and quiet strength. Still waters do run deep. E/B, Rated M 

Summer Rose by natalayx
When Edward is on his summer leave from the Military, Bella finds out she's pregnant, the day before he's due to deploy back. When something goes wrong on a raid, Bella is left scared and anxious; wondering if Edward will make it home to meet their Summer Rose. 

The Age of Innocence by pattyrose
On the eve of the Second World War, young Isabella has been taken from all she knows and is now stepdaughter to one of the richest men in America. Spending her summers in Washington State, she's unaware that this is where she & a young boy will find their fate, where childhood friendship will mature into the fiercest love: a love that must endure the end of innocence. Rated M. E&B. 

The Best Mistake Of All by MrsK81
Living the perfect life with no cares or responsibilities suited Bella just fine, but her family had other ideas and all of a sudden everything was changing... and not necessarily in a good way. One last night out, one quick escape through a bathroom window, one assumption about her new boss plus so many other things proved to be one mistake after another or so it seemed. 


The Daily Chew! 2/14

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What the Fic?! 2/14

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Happy Valentines Day!

Tuesday February 14, 2017 at 10:01 AM

Post your inappropriate/love cards inside!!!


Hot Girl

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Vanessa Williams


This Week In Fanfic

Monday February 13, 2017 at 2:34 PM



Come inside and share your OMG and WTF moments from your fic adventures this week. Or just drop by to share a gem you found.

Any and all fic, currently updating or long-finished is fair game. Post your thoughts, likes, dislikes, theories, etc. Just be a friend and link whatever you're talking about BEFORE the rest of your post, as a heads up to the rest of the campers who may not have read it yet.


That's your only warning. ;)

This week: Share your favorite SportsWard Fic


Hollywood Happenings

Monday February 13, 2017 at 2:28 PM

-In Trending News-


Adele dominated the Grammys I guess. Yay. All that stuff - as you can see I really care.


Alec Baldwin hosted Saturday Night Live for the 17th time this past Saturday!


People are freaking out over the fact that Celine Dion isn't resinging the Beauty and the Beast song and that A. Grande and John Legend are instead. Some are even mad that they made a live action to begin with which to me is...weird but to each his own.





To be honest that's all I got really


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What the Fic?! 2/13

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Happy Monday

Monday February 13, 2017 at 10:26 AM

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Welcome to the Monday Morning Hot Guy Campfire. What better way to start your week than a hot guy?

Every Monday, I'm going to dedicate a CF to the Hot Guy of the Week.The catch? The CF can ONLY be about the current nominated guy. 

We all have different tastes in men, so please don't yuck anyone's yum.If you have a man you'd like to see crowned for the week, PM or hit me up on twitter (@ffcherry) with his name


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