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I will brave the treacherous waters of Fan Fiction for buried treasure!

Please let the writers know you found them here in the Fic Dive Campfire.

Good Vibes to all of those affected by Hurricane Florence.  Stay safe!

Begin Again Again by pattyrose
Bella's life philosophy has shifted in the past few years since she reconnected with Edward: Life gets real, and no, you can't start the same batch over...but you can ALWAYS begin again. She likes this one. She's pretty sure this one will stick. But in the face of yet another life-altering event, can she and Edward follow this philosophy, and readjust their lives all over again? M 

So glad we get to see where life takes these two!  Sequel to Begin Again.

Constable Masen of the RCMP by shouldbecleaning
There, standing at attention in the middle of the platform, was an absolutely perfect representation of a Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer in full red dress uniform. A man dedicated to upholding the law, selfless and humble can be quite attractive. However, this man was sheer beauty before he donned the official mantle. 

Our sheltered little Bella makes her way across the wide expanse of Canada to be a teacher.  Written in diary entries from Bella.  Love it!

Obstacles by IsisIvy
Bella Swan, still grieving over her mother's sudden death, travels back to her hometown of Forks, Washington to deliver the news to her alcoholic father. Along the way she meets Edward Cullen, a recovering addict, and finds comfort in the most unlikely place. Rated M for lemons/sensitive material. 

Oh Jeez.  Angst warning here.  Bella heads home to Forks to see Charlie.  He's a doozy.

To All the Boys I've Loved Before by Nolebucgrl
Based on the Netflix movie of the same name. Bella Swan's quiet life gets turned upside down when love letters to her crushes end up in the wrong hands. 

Haven't seen the Netfix movie, but I hear it's a winner.  I'll read anything by this gal and it's great so far!


A Tale of Two Edwards by xshear 
A collaboration between xshear and kARLOTITA09. Based loosely on Bridget Jones's Diary. Sex and hilarity ensue. 

Welcome to Evening Shade by samekraemer 
Evening Shade was no different than any other small town in middle America. The biggest problem Mayor Edward Cullen was faced with was the placement of a stoplight and the fact the town didn't have reliable satellite service because of the weather. That was, until she sped into town. That was when everything changed. 

Thanks you all for your support of this campfire!  Especially those who are regular commenters.  Your feedback is appreciated!!


Archive of Our Own-I need Help

Thursday September 13, 2018 at 9:36 AM

(God knows why the acronym is OOA) Hi everybody. While I am waiting to know if an international publisher is interested on my second book,  I have time for fanfiction and I need HELP. I have changed fandom and would like to write a fic on Captive Prince (God, how I love Damen and Laurent). Point is, the best fics are on OOA, I became a member but hell if I  know how to use that site and post on it. I  can't find the rules, I can't find where to click, I can't even find how to send a message to another author (I must find a Beta too).

So I ask anybody who knows Archive on Our Own and has posted on it to help me. Please send me a message and we will proceded from there. And now, for your pleasure, here are the two lovers (manip by  Alina Petrova)

(BTW, no appropriate tag)


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Welcome to the Monday Morning Hot Guy Campfire. What better way to start your week than a hot guy?

Every Monday, I'm going to dedicate a CF to the Hot Guy of the Week.The catch? The CF can ONLY be about the current nominated guy. 

We all have different tastes in men, so please don't yuck anyone's yum.If you have a man you'd like to see crowned for the week, PM or hit me up on twitter (@ffcherry) with his name


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