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It was year 5-0 for Comic Con in San Diego last week.

Did you go?

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Thank you for all your words of encouragement! I wish you happy reading 

and hope you find something you can enjoy!


Let’s dive right in, shall we?

The Estuary (nursery of the sea) - new/wips


Made for You
By: shaunna100

Bella Swan was enjoying her life working at her dad's bar, until rock-star Edward Masen swooped in and flipped her world upside down. He was handsome, charming, and harboring so much guilt over the death of his best friend that his music was suffering. Could Bella be the muse he was looking for? Or will the life of a rock-star be too much for her to handle?

~Is it fate they keep running into each other or is he stalking her? Can they keep it casual or will they throw caution to the wind? Thanks to  shaunna100 for sharing!

White Noise
By: Hotteaforme

Waitress Bella wants nothing to do with her boyfriend's shady drug dealings. When he forces her to do him a favor, she finds herself on the wrong side of the wrong sort of people… all except one. M for a reason

~Whoa...Bella finds herself stuck between a terrible rock and a very hard place. How did she get to this point in her life...can she get out? Hotteaforme writes a very well-written, vivid and poignant story! Give her first story some love!

By: planetblue

He may be dating my step-sister, but it doesn't stop me from wishing he were mine.

~Planetblue is always a great read. This time she takes us back to the good old ‘70’s. I’m right there with Bella and sneaking looks.  (~Shc92 also mentioned in “What the Fic” a couple weeks ago and I was waiting for another chapter or two.)

Collision Course
By: jellybeanpink84

AH Bella and Edward are each married to other people and living their lives. What happens when a collision not only reveals the truth, but thoroughly destroys the illusions they've been living? 

~A tragic twist with interesting consequences; almost complete. Good job, jellybeanpink84!

Three's a Crowd
By: MarieCarro

Bella and Rosalie are roommates and best friends. When the third friend of their BFF trio moves out to live with her boyfriend and her newborn baby, the girls need to find someone new, and it appears that someone just happens to stumble into their laps.

~Or into their bathtub! Need some smiles and chuckles? This is pretty dang funny! Things are not as they first appear so wait a minute for it…Kudos to MarieCarro for sharing all the mix-ups and giggles!

The Breakers - newly completed

La Sua Bella Mente (Her Beautiful Mind)
By: hikingurl

After a devastating personal and professional betrayal, Bella returns to the only place she feels safe and happy—the mountains of Georgia. A spur-of-the-moment decision to hike the Appalachian Trail offers her the opportunity to regain her confidence, self-worth, and perhaps a deeper appreciation for the uniqueness of her beautiful mind. AH Bella, Edward HEA COMPLETE

~What a lovely chronicle of the literal and soul-searching journey Bella takes to discover herself, new friends and love. Hikingurl has mad skills as a storyteller!

The Pact
By: kyla713

The lines of friendship should never be crossed…or should they? That is the dilemma currently consuming Bella after a conversation she never expected with Edward.

~Bella and Edward made a pact years ago in high school. Is that pact still binding now that they are older? Kyla713, we are so fortunate you are still sharing your gifted writing!

Here’s To Now
by iambeagle  “When everything goes wrong, that’s when adventure starts.”

~Love the journey of discovery and exploration Very passionate writing that puts you into the moment. I am looking forward to that epilogue, iambeagle! Great job!


Buried Treasures - golden oldies

The Long Walk Home By: bsmog

Broken by his experiences in the Civil War, Edward marches with Jasper and Emmett to Gettysburg. A stolen night's sleep leads him to the girl he thinks could save him, but the battle rages on, and his duty could destroy them both. AH. Canon pairings.

~The aftereffects of this story will stay with you for days - a sure sign of excellent writing . bsmog relates a magnificent and poignant tale.

By: Miss Baby

When a high profile murder case forces old enemies back together, can the sins of the past be absolved? Or have time and malice destroyed the bonds of family and love forever? AU, AH Canon pairings

~An excellent mystery/adventure/romance! Miss Baby has several great stories!

Bella's Second Chance
By: jayhawkbb

Widowed Bella realizes she needs to get some fun back in her life. When fate throws an old love in her path, will she take the second chance she's been given? ExB, A/H, rated M for language and eventual lemons.

~Bella has a team of friends who are like her fairy godmothers...making sure she is primed and presentable to get back out there and get the cobwebs out of her “Lily”. Then they introduce her to the Sex God. jayhawkbb makes bank on all the hilarity!

Read, Review and let the writer's know you found them here at ADF!


Thank you for your support and feedback!


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Sorry guys it’s my schedule has been off latelyl


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Fic Dive of the Year 2019 Results

Monday July 15, 2019 at 2:34 PM


The results are in!  You voted for your top Favorite Fic Dive Stories of 2019!


The Fic Dive Story of the Year is:

Break by pattyrose

"Be careful what you do to a good woman because when it's all said and done, everyone will have to deal with the b----h you created." - Author unknown. 

Rounding out our Top Ten Favorites:

In My Brother's Shadow by 2brown-eyes
As a child, Bella always felt second best when in it came to her twin brother, Emmett. Now years later, an accident has brought her back to Forks. Will she be thrust back into her brother's shadow? Or will she be finally be seen as something other than Emmett's sister. 

The Mountain Between Us by knicnort3
When their plane crashes on a remote Alaskan mountain, two strangers must find a way to work through their differences in order to survive the freezing temperatures and harsh terrain. B/E, AH, HEA 

Broken by pattyrose

Be careful what you do to the woman a good man loves, no matter who the hell you are. Because he'll protect her with his life. E&B. 

Emergency Room Encounter by Pandora's Box Is Heavy
A night spent in the ER with an injured football player across the hall. Their chemistry is instant and it all begins with a raccoon/cat. 175 "chapter" drabble.

Mysterious Graffiti by Michaelmas54

Knowing something terrible about the future but being unable to warn anyone about what's going to happen without risking your own existence is the dilemma facing Edward Cullen but he decides to take that risk because for once in his life he cares. There's a stealthy build-up to an exciting climax for our Twilight characters. Rated M for the usual reasons. 

To All the Boys I've Loved Before by Nolebucgrl
Based on the Netflix movie of the same name. Bella Swan's quiet life gets turned upside down when love letters to her crushes end up in the wrong hands. 

Beneath the Branches by LayAtHomeMom

"The town of Forks is typically synonymous with boredom, not serial killers." 

Begin Again Again by pattyrose
Bella's life philosophy has shifted in the past few years since she reconnected with Edward: Life gets real, and no, you can't start the same batch over...but you can ALWAYS begin again. She likes this one. She's pretty sure this one will stick. But in the face of yet another life-altering event, can she and Edward follow this philosophy, and readjust their lives all over again? M 

Stasis by Sunshine1220
Separated by time and space, lost loves find their way back to each other. They thought their journey was over, but it had only begun. 

Honorable mentions:
(only one vote shy of the Top Ten)

Driving Forces by Alyscia
Bella Cullen was about to have everything she had worked toward until she lost the two most important things in her life. Vice president of the legal department in her family's business, she tries to bury her pain in work. All of that changes the day she meets a man that has obviously suffered from a serious trauma. Edward Swan is more than shy; he's scared of everything. 

Give Me a Sign by Rochelle Allison
Summary: Edward's a doctor at Atlanta's Piedmont Hospital and Bella's the construction worker always holding him up in traffic. But what happens when their paths cross elsewhere? 

Emergence by knicnort3
Swan Manor is hiding dark secrets. Humming in the night, vibrating foundation, and a mysterious hatch that leads to a cold dungeon and a glowing eye. As Bella begins to unravel the intense underground world lurking just below her feet, she must decide if she is prepared to risk everything to set a certain someone free. Vamp Fic.


Thank you to everyone for voting!  
Officially handing off the baton to KatHat and her new awesome version of the Fic Dive!  I will miss it, but know it's in good hands!

OXOX Tarbecca 


Happy Monday

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Welcome to the Monday Morning Hot Guy Campfire. What better way to start your week than a hot guy?

Every Monday, I'm going to dedicate a CF to the Hot Guy of the Week.The catch? The CF can ONLY be about the current nominated guy. 

We all have different tastes in men, so please don't yuck anyone's yum.If you have a man you'd like to see crowned for the week, PM or hit me up on twitter (@ffcherry) with his name


The Chew! 7/15/19

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What the Fic?! 7/15/19

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Fic Diving

Friday July 12, 2019 at 1:58 PM

Hello everyone! A little bit of a later start today but it's all good. Thank you for all your words of encouragement last week! I hope you find something you can enjoy!

Let’s dive right in, shall we?


The Estuary (nursery of the sea) - new/wips 


The Wife
By: orionsnights

To suspect is one thing. To see it is another.

~What the _ _ is going on here? Is Edward or Bella being blackmailed, framed or is he just a sorry cheating dirtbag??? I will reserve judgement pending more info! Orionsnights is doing an excellent job ramping up the tension and anxiety! 

Heart of Stone
By: MeteorOnAMoonlessNight

Struggling through tragedy and betrayal, Edward believes he's living in a cold and loveless world with no choice but to harden his heart. He's only living a numb half-life as his sole focus becomes revenge. If he forgets his true reason for living, is there anyone who can get through to him?

~I just about lost it all right along with Edward as he slid way down the rabbit hole of grief, guilt and blind rage. Fingers crossed he is regaining his focus. Applause to MeteorOnAMoonlessNight for masterfully steering this story and Edward through treacherous waters!

The Whispering Woods
By: ericastwilight

Summary: They say the Crescent Hill Woods whisper to some and scream at others. Even in your dreams. Welcome to Forks, Washington, home of the Spartans. Stay Out of the Whispering Woods.

~I know ericastwilight has done supernatural/suspense/horror...probably every genre, so waiting to see which direction this is going. Meanwhile, she is the queen of cliffhangers!

Inauguration Day
By: compass54

On January 20th, the Commander in Chief swears an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. The day has a specific schedule, a historic order of events that end with a new president in the White House. This time, the name is Cullen.

~This is a particularly delicious story that ties how West Point cadets ExB met and their glorious present day. Compass54 is a gifted wordsmith!

Bag Boy
By: bornonhalloween

When the town cougar needs a zucchini, the bag boy at the local market gets a tip that's more than he bargained for.

~Post up inside a walk-in freezer to read this one because hoo mama, this is incinerating H.O.T. After Edward makes a personal delivery, he has suddenly jumped from the baby pool into the deep end! What has he gotten himself into? I have questions! Gracias, bornonhalloween, for getting the ‘cub’ and us all hot and bothered!


The Breakers - newly completed

By: knicnort3

Swan Manor is hiding dark secrets. Humming in the night, vibrating foundation, and a mysterious hatch that leads to a cold dungeon and a glowing eye. As Bella begins to unravel the intense underground world lurking just below her feet, she must decide if she is prepared to risk everything to set a certain someone free. AU, Vampires, B/E

~Brace yourself for a roller coaster of unique twists and turns of the supernatural sort! Knicnort knocks it out of the ballpark with this creative endeavor!

Where the Heart Is Now
By: staringatthesky

Because sometimes family is what you make it, and home is where the heart is...and even when you grow up it doesn't always get simpler. A sequel to Where the Heart Is, where it's ten years down the line and Emmett is learning a whole lot more about love and what exactly can go into making a family.

~This is a continuation of Emmett and little sister Alice’s story. Not nearly as heart-wrenching as the first one, but still very moving! Thank you, staringatthesky, for successfully keeping me engaged to read both of these great stories!

Mr G and Me  Being born into wealth is a privilege. It’s also a curse. AH. Set in Australia.

~Definitely a challenging journey of breaking through defenses, healing, and recovery! Excellent work, Mr G and Me!

The Last Mission
By: amoredjenaue Sequel to The Geheime Vernietiging. Bourneward and MetBella four years later. Have they escaped the demons of Edward's past and the connections of Bella's family. Or was it merely the beginning? Will Edward have to coat his armor again for one last mission?

~Intrigue, suspense action and adventure with SpecialAgentWard. Amoredjenaue expertly puts you through anguish and suspense on this one!


Buried Treasures - golden oldies!


Tunes with Tony Masen By: Just4ALE

Our late night calls were fascinating. His attitude in person was frustrating. Stupid radio host with the velvety, seductive voice. Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde? Will the real Tony Masen please stand up? AH. Drama/Mystery/Romance

~What a sexy-voiced mysterious DJ! What kind of person is behind that voice? Full of BIG surprises, action and adventure. We sadly lost the lovely Just4ALE several years ago to cancer, but we still have a part of her in this outstanding story.

The Last Breath
By: First Blush

It's 1944, Edward awakes in a London field hospital. He's told his wife was in an air raid and did not survive. This sends Edward on a journey over two continents to find the love of his life, forgiveness for his past, and a joy he never even knew existed.

~This is an absolutely amazing story. I love a well-written period piece and this is one of my favs. Very vivid descriptions, excellent development! This is still a pleasure to read, First Blush! Thank you!

Surviving the Rain
By: wandb

Extreme circumstances force Bella and Edward into an intense relationship amidst devastation, but will their foundation be enough to survive reality? AH. B/E. Rated M.

~Dr. Bella and celeb author Edward meet after they individually reach breaking points in their lives. They choose to refocus by offering service to help people in need. One of my ‘old school’ fav authors, wandb certainly writes a moving story.

Read, Review and let the writer's know you found them here at ADF!

Thank you for your support and feedback!

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