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Phantom of the Opera

By: Nade-Naberrie
When Christine's world crumbles, she returns to the man who had once loved her beyond all reason. But even if they can slay their own demons, will they be able to escape the wrath of those left in their destructive wake? COMPLETE.
Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Drama - Erik, Christine, Raoul, Persian/Daroga - Chapters: 75 - Words: 239,252 - Reviews: 1,904 - Favs: 734 - Follows: 341 - Updated: Apr 8, 2011 - Published: Jun 15, 2005 - Status: Complete

Caged Bird
By: DonJuanTriumphs
An arranged marriage tears Christine from the only family she knows and into the arms of a masked stranger.
Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Drama - Erik, Christine - Chapters: 64 - Words: 142,078 - Reviews: 1,610 - Favs: 643 - Follows: 203 - Updated: Jul 26, 2006 - Published: Mar 22, 2006 - Status: Complete


Fairy Tales

Of All the Girls in the World
By: Melika Elena
A desperate monarch makes a pact with another king that will one day force him to give his headstrong daughter to the king's harsh son. Within the castle walls lay many secrets, including a deadly curse. Let the fairytale begin. COMPLETE!
Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 23 - Words: 61,241 - Reviews: 654 - Favs: 467 - Follows: 247 - Updated: Jul 19, 2010 - Published: Feb 22, 2006 - Status: Complete


Vampire Dairies

By: scarlett2112
Will you be there beside me if the world falls apart? And will all of our moments remain in your heart? Will you be there to guide me all the way through? I wonder will you walk by my side and follow my dreams? With the Nazi reign of terror at its zenith, Damon and Elena form an unlikely friendship in WW2 era Czechoslovakia.
Rated: Fiction M - English - Angst/Drama - Elena G., Damon S. - Chapters: 29 - Words: 106,897 - Reviews: 3,432 - Favs: 247 - Follows: 226 - Updated: Nov 24, 2017 - Published: Jun 15, 2017 - Status: Complete

I Can't Escape Myself
By: scarlett2112
When a catastrophic accident leaves him unable to distinguish real from make believe, Damon is thrust into a world that he doesn't understand, his only solace being a mysterious brown-haired girl. Summoning a strength she didn't know she had, Elena vows to find Damon because he not only left her, he also left a part of himself behind.
Rated: Fiction M - English - Angst/Drama - Elena G., Damon S. - Chapters: 32 - Words: 133,620 - Reviews: 2,737 - Favs: 241 - Follows: 208 - Updated: Dec 14, 2017 - Published: Oct 1, 2016 - Status: Complete

Bourbon In Your Eyes
By: jazzywriter22
She's a piano-playing graduate student who's writing a historical novel. He's the new professor in the History department who has gone out of his way to avoid music since he was a boy. A story about choice, transformation, and the people who inspire others to do both.
Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Elena G., Damon S. - Chapters: 50 - Words: 157,130 - Reviews: 2,351 - Favs: 1,392 - Follows: 1,014 - Updated: Jun 26, 2013 - Published: Feb 22, 2012 - Status: Complete 



I'm trying to get a lot of stuff for everyone, so if you have something you want to suggest let me know, that's it for this week! 


Fic Diving 10/11/18

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I will brave the treacherous waters of Fan Fiction for buried treasure!

Please let the writer's know you found them here in the Fic Dive Campfire at ADF!

Don't forget to vote for your favorite stories!


Poll will close on Monday 10/15!

Comatose by Rojafire
Locked in his head, unable to move, the only voice he hears is one that soothes.  

Volunteer Bella reads to patients.  She has one favorite. :)

A Lot by crimsonmarie
Bella Swan, not one for Christmas, plans to spend it alone. Edward Cullen is the unavailable, gorgeous bartender at Forks Bowling Alley where she spends every Tuesday night. Could a late night ritual with him change everything? 

BEWARE  This is a slow updater.  Is Bella a rebound?  Or the real thing?

Dangerous Secrets by Sukiethree
With her son missing, Bella learns something about her boyfriend he never really wanted her to know. 


Crowned by chicagochi4183

In 2015, Europe is still ruled by Kings and Queens, and the lives of Princes and Princesses are not their own. Between the scrutiny, the rules, and the gossip, it's a miracle if anyone can find love. But Principessa Isabella doesn't seek love, only duty. And when well laid plans fall through, it is her duty to Italy to secure her best possible match. 

Our Twi-faves as modern day Royalty.


The Red Eye by luluwolfkill
It's important for any private investigator to maintain a good relationship with local law enforcement and it's representatives. Therefore, I am always cooperative and polite with Chief Swan. Also, I try not to drink his daughter Bella's blood.  

Never Said I Didn't by purelyamuse
Edward is finally ready to play ball, but is Bella? Is it too late? The bases are loaded. He's just waiting for Bella to give him the signal to run. EPOV, Human, HS. 

Business Casual by WhatsMyNomDePlume 
The lines between boss and employee, human and immortal, hero and damsel, coworker and lover, and right and wrong are about to become very blurry for Edward and Bella. 

Happy Reading! :)



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Hot Girl

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This one is controversial depending on how you look at her: Melania Trump 


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What the Fic?! 10/8/18

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Happy Monday!

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Filling in for Cherry this week.  It's quite possible that the last time I was assigned this task, I selected the same Hot Guy.  He's my Favorite.  :)

Welcome to the Monday Morning Hot Guy Campfire. What better way to start your week than a hot guy?

Every Monday, I'm going to dedicate a CF to the Hot Guy of the Week.The catch? The CF can ONLY be about the current nominated guy.

We all have different tastes in men, so please don't yuck anyone's yum. 


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This is the campfire to promote ANYTHING you are working on and wanna share, so take the opportunity while you can!


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What the actual going on here???

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Hi all, 

Been forever since I've been around the Forest -- and the fandom -- but this has me quite literallly questioning my sanity:

BEHOLD, Spirit Halloween's *OFFICIAL* 2018 Priest Costume packaging:



This is, apparently, completely legitimate. It is Spirit Halloween's official image for this costume. 

Riddle me this, campers:


2. WHY???

A few things occur to me.

One, Rob has a secret twin -- or a twin he doesn't know about. Not very likely.

Two, someone at SH corporate thought it would be hilarious to put Edward Cullen's vampire head on a priest costume, complete with cross, and photoshopped it onto the image without Rob's permission. This is obviously not very likely. Spirit Halloween is way too big and has been around way too long to pull something so fraught with legal treachery.

Three, it was Rob's idea of perfect, hilarious irony; he pitched it to them and they loved it. Or, SH thought of it, pitched it to him, and he loved it. Given his quirky sense of humor and his oft-expressed desire to distance himself from Edward Cullen, this seems the likeliest (if oddest) of explanations. Rob has certainly branched out over the last several years with lots of very interesting, off-kilter roles, and critics have warmed to him considerably.




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What the Fic?! 10/5/18

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LTB 10-4

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By: spikessweetgirl75  One year after Titanic, Rose still grieves deeply over the death of her beloved Jack. Still devastated, she makes a wish on a falling star. That night, she goes to sleep in 1913 and wakes up back in 1912, before she even boards Titanic. Can she save the man she loves, or will she lose him all over again?

Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - [Jack D., Rose D.] [Fabrizio D., Trudy] - Chapters: 35 - Words: 85,398 - Reviews: 261 - Favs: 195 - Follows: 166 - Updated: Apr 27, 2017 - Published: Apr 14, 2016 - Status: Complete



By: inactivatedaccount 

A broken god crashes onto the roof of Stark Tower, and Tony and Steve are horrified by what they find. As Loki's story unfolds, the Avengers discover what really happened when Loki was taken back to Asgard, and what he has endured for the past year. A powerful enemy emerges to threaten Asgard as Loki struggles to recover in the care of those who were once his bitterest foes.
Rated: Fiction T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Angst - Loki, Thor, Iron Man/Tony S. - Chapters: 30 - Words: 126,145 - Reviews: 2,205 - Favs: 2,879 - Follows: 1,378 - Updated: Apr 14, 2013 - Published: Sep 29, 2012 - Status: Complete



By: nothingnothingtralala 
Sarah may not be the coolest kid in class, but she's getting on with her life and she's put the past behind her. So her dismay when she discovers that the Goblin King has absolutely no intention of letting her get away from him for good is not to be underestimated... There will be angst, fluff, and plenty of goblins. And glitter. Lots of glitter. Enter at your own peril. - COMPLETE
Rated: Fiction T - English - Humor/Romance - Jareth, Sarah, Goblins - Chapters: 67 - Words: 139,834 - Reviews: 1,448 - Favs: 671 - Follows: 570 - Updated: May 16, 2015 - Published: Oct 4, 2013 - Status: Complete


Mortal Intruments

By: ddpjclaf 
She's the artsy, outcast daughter of a rich, crooked lawyer. He's the self-absorbed undercover agent assigned to do whatever it takes to get the goods on daddy-even if that means making a play for his feisty daughter. AU/AH/OOC Fluffy. Lemonade.
Rated: Fiction M - English - Suspense/Romance - Jace W., Clary F. - Chapters: 30 - Words: 239,836 - Reviews: 2,773 - Favs: 3,058 - Follows: 1,356 - Updated: Jun 3, 2011 - Published: Jul 14, 2010 - Status: Complete


That's it for this week! Hope you like them!


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