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Hot Girl

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Karen Fukuhara (She was in Suicide Squad)


Fic Diving 11/07/2017

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Each week I will brave the treacherous waters of Fan Fiction for buried treasure!

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It Takes a Village by Payton79
Nowadays, families come in all shades and forms. When pediatrician Edward meets the woman of his dreams, he gets more than he bargained for. She's captivating but complicated with her unconventional family dynamic. Does she come with more baggage—or people—than he can handle? Will he be able to keep his distance? Sometimes, it takes a village... 

This story is just starting out.  Payton79's stories are always a good trip!

Twelve Nights by KinkyWings
It was rumored that the Queen of Forks had a heart strong enough to win the war, and Edward was determined to steal it...even if it meant losing his own heart in the process. 

Intrigue and espionage abound.  Looking forward to more.


More Than Salt by shouldbecleaning
Princess Isabella must find a way to teach her father, King Charles, a lesson. Oh, and win the heart of a Prince at the same time. A fairy tale. 

Me and You by cynosure23
It's all about me and you. 

This one's sequel is a WIP---Three

Miss Conception and Mis(ter) Understanding by samekraemer
Edward Cullen attends a cookout at his boss' house and stumbles upon a troubling situation. He meets the most beautiful woman he's ever seen, but he believes she's being held in a plural marriage against her will. After the first meeting, he's determined to rescue her. Is he her 'Sir Lancelot' or is he reading the situation all wrong? 

Thank you for all of the support for this Campfire!  I appreciate it so much!


Happy Monday

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Welcome to the Monday Morning Hot Guy Campfire. What better way to start your week than a hot guy?

Every Monday, I'm going to dedicate a CF to the Hot Guy of the Week.The catch? The CF can ONLY be about the current nominated guy. 

We all have different tastes in men, so please don't yuck anyone's yum.If you have a man you'd like to see crowned for the week, PM or hit me up on twitter (@ffcherry) with his name


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Feed Your Reader (11/3/17)

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Feed Your Reader

Back From The Dead Edition

Post all the great deals you've found this week. All genres are welcome.

If you pick up a book from the comments inside, let your fellow campers know you did.


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Fic Dive of the Month~Sept/Oct 2017

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Fic Dive of the Month
Septmber/October 2017

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Choose as many stories as you want, but you can only vote one time.

Good Luck to all of our Fic Dive Stories!



The Art Studio

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Fic Diving 11/1/2017

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Each week I will brave the treacherous waters of Fan Fiction for buried treasure!

Plesae let the writers know you found them here at ADF!

Flirting With Disaster by WritingRebecca
After witnessing a murder, in one night, Bella is transformed from hotel maid to wife of Edward Cullen, an international arms dealer; after all, wives can't be forced to testify against their husbands! Suddenly dropped in a life of shocking wealth and deadly business deals, she must navigate a sham marriage to a seductive criminal while fending off handsome FBI agent Jacob.

Bella get sucked into mob life.  Fun ride so far.


My Laird by StillDreaming85
Isabella is an English woman, trying to escape a marriage she doesn't want. Edward is a Scottish Laird, with a soft spot for a damsel in distress and a hate for the English Redcoats that pursue her, but what does he do with her now that he has saved her? He has no choice, other than to bring her home, but he wasn't counting on falling for the lass on the journey to Castle Menzies. 

My Laird's Bairn by StillDreaming85
Isabella is an English woman, married to a Scottish laird, living in a foreign land. Will she be able to find the peace and happiness that she so desperately seeks, or will their differences be too much for them to bear? **Sequel to My Laird** 

Mother Father by content1
Raised by adoring parents, Isabella Rossi discovers, after tragedy strikes, not all is as it seems. She must trust FBI agent, Edward Cullen, to keep her alive as she learns who Bella Swan is, to whom loyalty lies, and with whom she can trust her heart. 


HL 11-1

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The Chew! 11/1/17

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MrsCB Edit: Feel free to share Halloween pics of yourselves or kidlets in this CF


What the Fic?! 11/1/17

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