They've come so far

Saturday December 5, 2009 at 11:43 AM

I just want to take a moment to admire how far our favorite vampy actors have come

Robert Pattinson, who put in his dues with Rings of Nibelungs

and Alex Skarsgard (otherwise known as Eric on True Blood) who had a marvelous cameo on Zoolander as the model Meekus.


okay, so the real reason why i posted this is that i'm just tickled pink that Eric was one of the orange mocha frappucino guys. errr

Please, post pictures of twilight stars in embarassing/awesome roles. or come laugh at proof that they weren't always cool.

(though i think skarsgard just earned some cool points with me)


what is with this chick?

Saturday December 5, 2009 at 11:07 AM

I just finished reading For Better For Worst...

and that Bella made me wan to committ murder. Oh my God! she was so hot and cold.

She was in love with Edward but was marrying Mike for the money. Money that Edward has and offered her if she just picked him but noooooo, she decides to wait unti they are at the alter and for Mike to say he's in love with someon else and can't marry her.

I mean it was a good story. I liked it a lot and I get that her holding out until the last minute was part of the story line but it drove me insane.

Has there been a Bella (or any main character) in a fic that has drove you crazy?


fic link:


Rob at Marcus's show last night

Saturday December 5, 2009 at 10:15 AM


Hi-it's wolvesnvamps, jennyfly jandco and Tor.

We decided to take the pictures down. We wanted to leave the post up because there is a great conversation going on in the thread and we don't want to ruin that or censor people. But the pictures were for us, over the line. Yes, we have put up pap photos and yes we get excited over them but these pictures, in our opinion, were clearly way over the line and we weren't comfortable with having them up.

Please keep the discussion going-we want to hear your thoughts.


La Strana Musica

Mentalward Contest: Deadline Extended

Saturday December 5, 2009 at 9:26 AM

A couple of days ago, something tragic happened. My laptop broke. That's right. I have had to live without my laptop, and more importantly my internet, for a matter of days. And today, when I finally got it back, what do I find?

The Mentalward Contest deadline has been extended.

I have been wanting to enter this, as I am wanting to be a psychiatrist and I have an obcession with mental illnesses, but I did not have the time to write a decent one-shot for it before the deadline. I have also heard other fellow campers talk about wanting the deadline extended.

Thankfully, they have :) Not only will I be able to enter, but I will also be able to read more Mentalward one-shots.

And my obcession with Mentalward continues...

The new deadline is the 27th December.

Click here for the contest - Mentalward Contest

PS. I have just read the ending of Emperors Of Washington. If you have not read this story yet, get your ass down there and read it. This is one of the greats :) Kudos to gallantcorkscrews for doing something different. Sociopathic murderer Edward is the best. You did not dissapoint.


Just Cause I'm curious...

Saturday December 5, 2009 at 8:55 AM

I love that we live in the wonderful age of internet and are all joined in the Twiverse, but:

Where are you guys from?

I'm in Toronto, Canada :)


KStew's Secret to Fashion Success

Friday December 4, 2009 at 10:57 PM

I hope I'm doing this right since it's my first campfire.


She'll try anything

It seems like Kristen Stewart is constantly receiving criticism for her fashion sense. Sometimes she looks like she's not even trying to dress up for events. But with the recent publicity blitz for New Moon, we saw lots of photos of Kristen that were absolutely stunning. Now her stylist is speaking up.

Imagine being Kristen Stewart's stylist? Tara Swennen is the lucky lady who holds that title. She works with not only Kristen Stewart, but also Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, Elisha Cuthbert, Lindsay Lohan, and so many more. We've always imagined it would be quite difficult helping Kristen with her fashion; she seems quite adamant about what she likes and what she won't wear. But Tara claims Kristen Stewart is actually changing.



Tara says of Kristen, "She's comfortable in her own style and has a natural edge to her, but when she's in the mood she likes to go elegant." And we've definitely noticed her going a bit more elegant, especially in the latest magazine spreads where she's posing with co-star and supposed boyfriend Robert Pattinson. Not to mention, she's looked a lot more put together at the latest Twilight events.

Kristen has admitted that she's been opening up, and maybe they includes with her fashion sense, as well. And Tara says, "It's Kristen's desire to experiment that puts her in a league of her own, as she effortlessly manages to pull of an uber-cool look every time" We love effortless fashion! And we're just glad Kristen Stewart has been trying a bit harder to get that look lately. Girl has been looking good!


I'm sorry, but wearing one, maybe two pretty dresses does not equal a success.


I popped my campfire cherry! Oddly enough it was just like my first time. A bit difficult and painful to figure out but pleasureable in the end.

Vampire Raider

Twilight Stockholm Syndrome

Friday December 4, 2009 at 10:45 PM

Hello fellow campers! Today I have an interesting topic to present to you.

Why is The Twilight Saga so popular?

What I want to know is how did this book ,how do i put this...'Get out there'

How did this cheesy romance with *Sparkly* vampires slice and dice our brains and melt them at 400F to create a pile of mush.

I love Twilight, but I just can't grasp why I love it so much.

Honestly I don't know. But I would really appreciate your opinions on why we are blubbering fools in front of Sparkly Vampires and Buff Werewolfs (for those of you who love Mike) and Scrawny Humans. And, your theories on how it all started. Who promoted these books, or was it just the sheer genius that is Sparkly Vamps, and interspecies love triangles?

Oh, and ROBPORN!



Friday December 4, 2009 at 10:34 PM

the VIP cabins are sadly lacking in attention.

see the icons above?  click on the one marked "VIP cabins".  go.  i dare you to post in at least three different cabins.  go show the artists/authors/rangers how much you love them, and leave them a picture or a music video or something.

and in this thread... tell me what the hell you're doing home on a friday night.




Friday December 4, 2009 at 10:30 PM

I just saw this and frowned:

Robward: noun, This is when the obsession of Edward in Twilight is transferred to the movie hottie Rob and the line of reality is dangerously blurred.


Ummm, last I checked...didn't Robward simply refer to Rob as Edward? I think our friends at E!Online need to be schooled.



Bad Manips Post!

Friday December 4, 2009 at 9:19 PM

It's Friday night and I am fired up. Hanging out-listening to tunes w/ the boy.
Let's do a BAD MANIP POST-come on-I know you have them stashed away. Bring them out into the light!
The Hat Does Nothing

In My Moody Mind

Friday December 4, 2009 at 8:34 PM

So This Spawns off of my Change One Thing camp fire comment
Warning It's going To be A Rant more or less.
I wrote that If I Could Change Anything It Would Be;
Kristen & Rob's out look on the fans.
Im going to Elaborate on that more.

Kristen and Rob have been good actors and everything, But It's obvious they are getting annoyed.
Yeah, sure, okay they get followed by paparazzi, and fans they have reasons to be annoyed,
they have no privacy but hey! that's called being Famous.
You dont go into that kind of buisness truely believing
"Everyone will love me so much that they will leave me alone"
And if they did then they need to quite the drugs. <_<
Alot of people complain about the acting, the books, the editing, etc.
But no one ever notices the other things.
Like that fact that our OH SO WONDERFUL celebrity icons are staying distant from the fandom.
Why is this? Because they dont want to deal with the fans or the hype. Only the money.
Not ALL the actors are like that. Kellan Lutz & Peter Facinelli are examples of this.
They love the fans and if you've watched their interviews and stuff, they clearly care.
But Rob & Kristen are the ones Im singling out here.

Yes, they do say they love the fans but what they say and actually feel are two different things.
An example of what I mean is;
The Fandom can say we want to kill Nessie but do they actually mean it?
Most of you will say yes but when you look at it like what if it was your child or even your friends child;
demon spawn or not, would you kill it because of what it is? Because it ruined the book series?
Some people would say its just a book series and that she isnt real.
Exactly but does that make the morals any more wrong?
Kill a baby because its not the way you want it?

Summit Is bad too. Im not buying the 'we didnt expect how big it would got' bull!
If it wasnt going to hit big in the box office then Summit wouldnt have made it a movie.
They knew it would hit big, that's why they took up the saga - for the money.
It's clear, Im taking a broadcasting class
and when I complained about the media my teacher said 2 things:

1. That because I do my school news that makes me the media - which I responded with well them Im clearly the only one in the media that gets it.
2. That the media is full of money hungry wolves. They look pretty from a distance but get to close and you will realize they want nothing but the thing they crave from you - the thing they are hungry for.
Now I truely love this teacher because he A) is super awesome and crazy and B) is completely true in that comment.

Whether he truely ment it or was just fueling the fire and just mocking me - i dont know
but all I know is that it could be my bad mood or just how I actuallty feel,
But at this present time I truely believe everything Ive written.

Now The Interactive Part.
Most People add random activities onto the campfires
to make them follow the interactive guideline in the ranger station.
Me, What I want is for you to discuss what I wrote.
Do you believe Im just in a bad mood?
Do you see where Im coming from?
Are there any actors that are doing what Ive written?
Do you think Im looking for the bad in the situation?
What is your opinion on this?

Yes I know it's a contraversial - or will be - topic
but I want us fans in the twi-verse to jump out of our fan-girl skin

and look at it from a non-fan or even a buisness person's point of view
and see what out love for the books may have blinded us.
Now I'll shut up because Im probably a Debbie-Downer Right now.

Rangers feel free to delete this. I wont be upset <3



Friday December 4, 2009 at 8:06 PM

ADF IS PROUD TO PRESENT THE RETURN OF "TRAINWRECK WITH JESS & JOE"-go to Birdwatching immediately to watch it! Notice some new things? Tell us what has changed!

Without further ado-here is




Newborn Vamps?

Friday December 4, 2009 at 7:29 PM

 so a friend sent me this pic, saying it was a leaked shot of the Newborn vamps...not sure..

it kind of goes along with this pic from the set :

has anyone seen this yet? 

i'm uncertain if it's actually from Eclipse....




Friday December 4, 2009 at 6:28 PM


If you could ask any one cast member any one question, and get an honest answer, what would you ask and to whom?



Change One Thing

Friday December 4, 2009 at 6:13 PM

If you could change ONE thing in the Twilight world what would it be?


Casting? Imprinting? Bad Wigs? the existence of Renesmee? the outcome of your favourite fic?

For me, it's a toss up between eliminating the use of the word chagrin and improving the fashion sense of the characters. I would love nothing more than to dress Bella in something other than a khaki floor length skirt and stop Edward wearing beige turtlenecks. But I'm shallow.

Fellow Campers, please share what you would change!


Because I couldn't resist...

Friday December 4, 2009 at 6:03 PM

I was content to just read the campfires here and comment every once in a while but this just needed to be shared.  If you need a laugh or just want to share in the OMGWTF-ness go to My Life is Twilight:

Read the Top 100.  You'll find gems like this there: 

In the ninth grade biology class I teach, there is a boy named Ed and a girl named Bella. I have paired them up for every lab assignment we have had so far in this year in hopes that they will get together. I even asked my supervisors permission to hold a blood testing day. MLIT


I sincerely hope this hasn't already been posted.  If so, you can vote me off the island or out of the forest, rather.

Do you have any MLIT moments?


Ranger Announcement

Friday December 4, 2009 at 3:56 PM

Hi Campers!!!

Guess what we Rangers are doing right now..........






A new ADF VIP authors vote!!!! Yup-that's right-the nominees are in and the voting process is underway.

Stay tuned for the winners-we will announce them this weekend!

To make this interactive-tell us about




Friday December 4, 2009 at 3:46 PM

 'cause my stupid computer won't let me do accents on my words, it is now cliches.

Aaaanyway, what do you roll your eyes at in fanfictions?

If you see them, do you flounce?

My version of a fanfic cliche would have to be Alice who is a pixie that runs around spreading everyone in hypnotizing pixie dust that makes everyone think she's awesome and takes Bella to got torture her shopping and play Bella Barbie, an Edward that must be Edward because he uses big words, Jasper that is a stoner/hippy and knows no other word than darlin', Bella that is confident on her beauty to do everything (in the books she was stated as plain and the men in Forks only saw her as beautiful because of her "good" personality and were blinded by their love) and a stupid as shit Emmett.

Just because I'm wearing my top with him on it and I really want some chocolate milk:


Because I love any good "Twilight" spoof...

Friday December 4, 2009 at 2:20 PM



Here's a great take on New Moon:  LOL!Moon.

(Scroll down for the series of pics.)



Is Twilight your first Love?

Friday December 4, 2009 at 1:33 PM

Here I go. Please don't kill me, or throw tomatoes at me, because I not very fond of them

I have to admit that twilight is not my first love. I'll also admit that I haven't even read the books. I really like Vampires, but not I did not start with Buffy, The Vampire Diaries or any other TV show you can think of, I started liking Vampires when I read a little book called 'Dead until Dark.' Yes, I know, kill me now I'm spy for the other team.  The Southern Vampire Mysteries/Sookie Stackhouse Novels are so intriguing to me. She is a quirky and Loveable heroine. She is not soapy or in need of a man to complete her. She gets staked, stabbed, beaten, raped, trapped, deceived and many other things you can think of. But she is not shy, she tells you when she makes mistakes and sometimes she makes decisions I don't agree with. She is loyal and hates the thought of becoming a "kept woman" But on the other hand, there doesn’t seem to be soul mate in her life, and that my friends, is what attracted me to TWILIGHT.  So by now I have read at least 50 or more twilight fics, ranging from AU/AH/Cannon pairings/Non-Cannon pairings, Jasper and Maria, Bella and Peter, Edward and Rosalie and anything else you can think of. Basically I have fallen in love with Romance stories.  I have seen the movies (BTW the first one sucked) a couple of times. I love TLYDF, among other websites. Is twilight your first love? I leave you with some pictures of my favorite Viking. I hope you like him and become entralled by him as much as I am.

PS. I told you I was a spy for the other team ; )



Alexander Skarsgard attends GQ Men of the Year party / Wireimage




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