Quick Fic Question....

Friday December 4, 2009 at 12:51 PM

So. I'm reading The Elite by Fate of Gabriel. I'm going through my older "to be reads."  

And. Well.

I'm not anti-non canon pairings so I know it's not that....I think I just don't like the characters that much.  Which has nothing to do with the writing or the material, I just can't seem to get behind anyone and that includes Alice. 

My question to those that have read it...I'm on Chap. 10...and I'm just wondering if it's worth sticking it out?  I know, I know that's subjective but... 

Like does Rosalie get hers in the end? Does Alice wake up from the "fitting in" spell and stand up to her? 

Is it icky when/if Edward and Alice get it on?  (this is probably the only pairing I find a little...ew.) 

What did you think?  

I guess I could read the reviews to see what others said, but nah. I like y'alls opinions. 



Friday December 4, 2009 at 12:40 PM

Today I found out that the boy (I call him boy 1)  who loves my friend is also trying to help another boy  (boy 2) to win her over. That's just weird. Well, honesty this boy 1 is the one I love. And I help him win over my friend. But my friend loves boy 2. How mad is it? It's just... life is so funny sometimes. I wish everything was easier and less complicated.

And how about you? What's your maddest situation in love life? I mean, it doesn't have to be your life, but your friends, maybe? Do you know some fics about really complicated situation like this? With web of people that love the certain person who love another etc. 


The Emperors of Washington

Friday December 4, 2009 at 11:50 AM

The Emperors of Washington is an amazing fic by the lovely Miss gallantcorkscrews and if you haven't read it yet I suggest you do because its creative, innovative and something completely different. 

I just wanted to discuss the notion of the HEA.  I've read some other fics out there that don't follow the Bella/Edward plan of falling in love and being together forever and I enjoy them just as much as one's with HEA.  But, when reading reviews (I like to see what others have to say) it seems that a lot of readers feel cheated and dissapointed that the writer dose not grace them with a HEA, even if the writer states there won't be one.

So, it just got me thinking, do you require a HEA?  And if the author states there won't be one will you continue reading?


McSweeney's Take on the Twilight auditions

Friday December 4, 2009 at 11:50 AM

I found this while clicking around McSweeney's Internet Tendency, and subsequently loled. Now I shall share the yucks.

In conclusion, if you're not reading McSweeny's you should be.


Winter Wonderland?

Friday December 4, 2009 at 11:41 AM

Sleighbells ring! Are ya listening?

In the lane, snow is glistenin!

I'm so over this autum backdrop. Let's get in the seasonal spirit.

Campers, submit your HQ desktop size pictures of snow covered trees to be the December background for A Different Forest.

At the end of the day I will personally pick one. My decision is final. I will not be bribed or listen to any whining.

Post reasonable size copies for viewing in the comments along with a LINK to the full size image. Thanks.

Ready? Go!


An older woman?

Friday December 4, 2009 at 10:53 AM

Kristen Stewart isn't the only girl in R-Pattz's life...

Twilight star Robert Pattinson has kept us all guessing over his relationship with co-star Kristen Stewart, but we can reveal that, in reality, he is closer to his agent Stephanie Ritz.

While his on-off romance with Kristen, 19, has cooled since the summer, Brit hunk Robert has strong feelings for thirtysomething Stephanie.

‘Whenever he needs advice, Stephanie's the one he turns to,' a source tells Now . ‘She's very supportive of his musical aspirations and is helping him to get that off the ground.'

Kristen dumped her boyfriend Michael Angarano to hook up with 23-year-old Rob, but things have never been stable and they've had screaming rows about Rob's wandering eye and, in particular, his closeness to Stephanie.

Kristen's furious that he spends so much time with her and seems to hang on her every word.

‘Rob and Kristen never talk about their relationship publicly because they're not sure there's much to talk about. They ham it up for the cameras to help the movie get publicity, but other than that they find it a difficult subject.

'There's a real chemistry between them, but they're so young they don't know what they want. It's a bit of a mess, to be honest.'

‘Rob's always been a troubled soul and left the UK for Hollywood so that he could escape his demons. That doesn't make for a great boyfriend.'

See the full story about Robert Pattinson in Now magazine dated 7 December 2009

HAHAHAHAHAHA!-These magazines are a scream. He is in love with Stephanie now? Please.....


Let's have a midday laugh...

Friday December 4, 2009 at 10:49 AM

The HQ version can be found on NBC's site or The Lexicon if you want


i am excited

Friday December 4, 2009 at 9:45 AM

glitter -




VIP Author Update!

Friday December 4, 2009 at 8:12 AM







Star as Bella!

Friday December 4, 2009 at 6:47 AM

 eerrmm...sorta. i saw this ad on facebook and i couldn't resist checking it out:


In this personalized vampire romance novel, our heroine meets a mysterious hero whose passion is stronger than his bite. Perfect for fans of the Twilight movie and books!


Vampire Kisses begins with a chance meeting of our heroine and hero at a college library, but their encounter is short-lived as our main man suddenly vanishes... leaving our heroine lusting for more.

Their next unexpected rendezvous occurs at a campus alumni party, and after some clever repartee the hook is set, but once again our hero mysteriously disappears. Not to be outdone, our heroine and her best friend decide to hunt for their mystery man.  Little do they know the tables have turned, and they are the ones hunted!

Our hero is centuries old and doomed by a vampire's curse. Luckily, his intellect and compassion enable him to control his primal instincts. Nevertheless, he shies away from our heroine, fearing his vampire urges will harm the one he both admires...and desires.  After much intrigue, our couple's paths become entwined and it's not long before cupid's arrows find their mark and they fall in love.

The plot thickens when our hero's unnatural habits give him away, and our boisterous beauty discovers that the man she loves has a bite that is definitely worse than his bark. They are forced apart; he by his worry of turning his beloved into one of his own, and she by the unsavory thought of becoming her love's next meal.

But will love conquer all? Can our heroine live without her true love, or will our hero make her his mate for life and forever after? Vampire Kisses is full of intrigue and passion!Romantic Tip: For a little extra fun and excitement, include a set of vampire teeth along with this book. These can be found at costume shops or "dollar" stores.

Remember: You co-author Vampire Kisses by selecting the heroine, hero and heroine's best friend - and even your dog or cat! Vampire Kisses is 175 pages, professionally bound, with over 26 characteristics to personalize making it a gift that is truly unique and sentimental. A gift that will be cherished forever.

With its personalized front cover, this book will look stunning on your coffee table or bookshelf. What a wonderful gift idea for all occasions! Why read between the lines when you can read between the sheets? can even get a preview by entering your name and the name of your hero..which of course i did. i'll post that in the comments. 

thoughts? how many tweens to you think will actually by this?




I need a FF that's gonna MOVE me.

Friday December 4, 2009 at 5:16 AM

In the last few weeks, I have found myself reading my fav'd fics quite half heartedly. I skim and speed read and skip to the end, and frankly, I've had enough. So somebody...anybody...send me a fic rec that's gonna move me. I don't want too much angst. I prefer AU/AH with a grown up Bella and Edward. I don't need or want lots of lemons, I just want a good story with passion and plot. Maybe it will motivate me to get back on the ball with writing my own FF's cuz mama is in a serious funk.

So come on bb's...light my fire.


Why Jacob's "happy ending" makes me sad.

Friday December 4, 2009 at 12:35 AM

My first post on ADF and it's long overdue and comes at the lovely wolvesnvamps' prompting.

I want to talk about imprinting. Specifically, I want to talk about Jacob imprinting on Renesmee and why no one should ever call it a happy ending, unless they think a supernatural lobotomy sounds like fun (or hate Jacob with a firey passion.)

I believe that imprinting is a tragedy. It's like a genetic defect that forces you to be whatever someone you have never met and know nothing about wants or needs. It is not love. In fact, it represents the negation of any possibility of love, if love is grounded in free will, which, I believe, it absolutely has to be.

I've been arguing lately with people who think I'm disturbed and possibly illiterate for not understanding that imprinting is a wonderful, beautiful thing which gave Jacob the happy ending he deserved.

In order to explain to them why I see it as a form of brainwashing, I had to *shudder* go back and reread some parts of Breaking Dawn.

One part in particular.

The imprinting scene of epic, epic doom.

Upon rereading I was struck by just how extreme and frankly terrifying Stephenie made imprinting. Up until Breaking Dawn we hadn't had a front row seat on an imprint, so there was a lot of wiggle room as to detail of the experience and the extent of the change in personality. And yet Stephenie chose, in Jacob's case, to make it as offensive and upsetting as possible.

To anybody who defends imprinting, all I can do is quote the following, and hope you change your mind in the time it takes for me to snap my fingers:

Everything that made me who I was - my love for the dead girl upstairs, my love for my father, my loyalty to my new pack, the love for my other brothers, my hatred for my enemies, my home, my name, my self - disconnected from me in that second - snip, snip, snip - and floated up into space.

There it is, in black and white (or green...) - the absolute and unequivocal annihilation of the character of Jacob Black. In his own words - in Stephenie Meyer's own words, everything that made him who he was is gone.

Now I know some of you may be thinking "And good riddance!", but for Jacob fans, it's pretty much the cruelest possible ending for our character that any of us can think of. His death, heroic or not, would have been infinitely preferable, because at least he would have retained his dignity, and, you know, actually been Jacob Black until he was no more.

So to those who say imprinting isn't brainwashing, or that Jacob fans got a good deal out of Breaking Dawn because he got some face-time before he was rubbed out and replaced with a baby-loving freak, I say read the quote and tell me that again like you mean it. If they can, I'll be very impressed and recommend they take a chance on Hollywood.

I would love to try it on Stephenie Meyer someday.


Cracked: New Moon

Thursday December 3, 2009 at 11:17 PM

 This is kinda long, so I'll post the rest in the comment so I don't spam the homepage:

Twilight: New Moon' made more money than 'Dark Freaking Knight.' To help sane people better understand the film, we bring you a storyboard summarizing the nuances of the film's plot.
The plot of Twilight: New Moon is complex and stimulating.
The plot of Twilight: New Moon is complex and stimulating.

Just The Facts

  1. This movie made more money in one night than you will in a lifetime.
  2. The book made less money but still more than you will ever make
  3. The main selling point of the movie is male strippers.
  4. The main selling point of the book is vampires that sparkle in daylight.



Now in HQ-Isn't he lovely?

Thursday December 3, 2009 at 10:40 PM

Does Kstew/Bella ever smile in these movies? TEAM GTFO BELLA!! You are with Edward-BE FUCKING HAPPY.
LET'S DISCUSS ECLIPSE. I wanted to murder Bella in that book-she was selfish and boring.


Thursday December 3, 2009 at 10:25 PM

I dont know if this was posted or not yet but this is so funny.

I might have peed myself a little while watching this. =]


'and it glitters!" My favorite part.


~sorry I dont know how to embed.~

but i do.  :D


Robsten moving in together?

Thursday December 3, 2009 at 10:24 PM


ROBERT Pattinson’s relationship with Kristen Stewart is getting serious!

The Twilight lovebirds are reportedly planning to live with each other!

“They’re not ready for a huge commitment, but right now the best thing to do seems to find a home with a lot of privacy and security where they can find out how compatible they really are,” a source told In Touch Weekly magazine.

“They’re young and live these crazy lives at the moment. Even if you are head over heels in love with each other, you never really know if one of you has habits that will drive the other crazy.

“They want to give it their best shot, and that’s a big deal.

“They’re both entertainers and understand this bubble they’re both living in more than anyone else right now. They have a lot in common.”

It was recently reported that Kristen, 19, had taken up piano lessons so she can play with 23-year-old Rob, a guitarist.

“She thought it was really romantic — anything to be closer to Rob,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.


I love discussing this crap w/ y'all.


Twilight fans love their waffles

Thursday December 3, 2009 at 9:52 PM

 Just had to share this, it's from the CNN website and just shows how much Twiligt fans love waffles:

Kellogg is rationing its Eggo products due to flooding and equipment problems at two bakeries. The shortfall could last through mid-2010.


Better hoard your Eggos!



Grocery stores will be experiencing a shortage of the waffles until mid-2010 due to problems at two bakeries, a Kellogg's spokeswoman said on Wednesday.

Flooding at an Atlanta bakery during heavy rains in October forced Kellogg, which makes Eggo products, to shut down production temporarily, said company spokesman Kris Charles. Plus, equipment at Kellogg's largest waffle facility, based in Rossville, Tenn., needs extensive repairs.


"We are working around the clock to restore Eggo store inventories to normal levels as quickly as possible," Charles said in an e-mail.


Remaining inventory will be rationed to stores across the country "based on historical percentage of business."


Production figures are confidential, Charles said, but Charles added that all lines are operational except for several lines at the Rossville plant.


Chad, a grocery manager at King Soopers in Denver who declined to give his last name, said his store is "seeing some shortage, but not much." A Kroger in Jackson, Miss., was also experiencing shortages, according to a manager in the frozen foods sections. At Fairway in New York City, Eggos were in full supply, however, according to a manager at the Red Hook location.



The production problems will also affect other Eggo products, including pancakes, syrup and other breakfast food. To alert customers, Kellogg has placed a warning to customers on top of its Eggo Web site and placed notices in some grocery stores.

Twitter bites back. Eggo enthusiasts took to the Internet to mourn the shortage. Lovers of theTwilight vampire movie series thinking about another kind of bite, as Twitter fanpage editors comforted each other via the social media site.

User @KStew411, a page devoted to Twilight star Kristen Stewart, tweeted on Tuesday: "I am despondent. DESPONDENT. My 4 food groups are: tacos, skittles, pop, and eggos!"


User @cullenluv sent a message of support: "We're outta Eggos here, too!! It's a national tragedy!!" 




Thursday December 3, 2009 at 9:06 PM

as if my ringing endorsement weren't enough, here's a good reason to watch bones:


i am, of course, referring to my fave l'il actress zooey deschanel guest starring.

please to be spamming with pictures of DB being hot, idk idk


Q & A with Anna Kendrick

Thursday December 3, 2009 at 9:01 PM

 i haven't posted in awhile...i've been here : 


The Contender Q&A: Anna Kendrick

November 25, 2009 |  4:26 pm

UP-01007 A veteran performer from the age of 12, when her turn in a Broadway production of "High Society" earned her a Tony Award nomination in 1998, Anna Kendrick has steadily built an impressive resume on film with confident, eye-catching performances in indies like "Camp" and "Rocket Science," both of which earned her Independent Spirit Award nominations. Her profile raised considerably with a supporting turn as Jessica Stanley in "Twilight" and "New Moon," but it's Jason Reitman's "Up in the Air" that has critics and audiences finally taking full notice of Kendrick's talents. As an aggressive corporate downsizer who has streamlined the industry's method of eliminating employees via video conference, Kendrick is both arresting and heartbreakingly vulnerable. Her performance has netted considerable acclaim from the press, who've dubbed her one of the season's breakout talents, and from the Palm Springs International Film Festival, which will honor her with its Rising Star Award on Jan. 5. 

Kendrick spoke with The Circuit from Los Angeles, where she discussed working with "Air" co-star George Clooney and director Reitman, as well as her take on the "Twilight" phenomenon.

You've said that the idea of being cast in "Up in the Air" was somewhat daunting.

Yes. Being in a movie directed by Jason Reitman and starring George Clooney would probably be daunting for anyone, but when I was cast, I kept thinking for whatever reason, "They know I'm from Maine, right?" 

What does that mean?

It's just the strangest thing to come from a place that couldn't be further away from this whole world, and to wind up in a movie like this just made me feel like "How can I be the same person who went toDeering High School in Portland, Maine, and be in a movie like this?"

So how did you get past those thoughts?

I met George and Jason, and they were the coolest human beings on Earth. It was such an incredibly supportive set and environment. I couldn't have done it without either of them.

George Clooney has a reputation for being a world-class prankster when the cameras aren't rolling -- is that your experience with him?

No pranks, but he's definitely a joker. He was playing Nerf football around my head when I would try to prepare for a scene. He has a teenager's energy, and it made me feel like the on-set mom, like "C'mon, you guys, focus..."

Do you know people like your character, Natalie, in real life?

It's almost like I know a bunch of girls, myself included, who are almost like Natalie. There's a frustration that comes along with being female, and there's a sense that if you can swim with the sharks and be one of the boys -- if you can conquer that -- that's where a lot of her personality comes from. I don't know anyone who's gone fully into that world, but there is a temptation, I think, in every girl's life to do so at some point.

In learning to swim with the sharks, do you think that people like Natalie have to sacrifice something of themselves to achieve that goal?

Yes. At the end of the day, she has it all wrong, and she finds that out over the course of the film. She believes that because she's worked harder than the person next to her for her entire life, her entire life will fall into place. And eventually, there comes a moment in her life when she's accepting the idea of compromise for the first time ever.

You included yourself in that bunch of girls who are almost like Natalie. In what way are you similar?

I'm a control freak, but I react to being out of control in an entirely different way. I get more awkward and fumble more. I fall apart very quickly. Natalie, on the other hand, her rigidity and self-awareness increases exponentially.

There are some who might perceive Natalie as simply the film's villain, so to speak. Can you talk about the challenges of making her a more complex character?

There was definitely part of me that didn't want her to reveal as much as she does. She really falls apart, and falls hard, and I wanted to protect her, in a sense, and let her maintain some level of dignity, but she completely falls apart and lets go. That was tricky for me, because I felt that she wanted to hide more. But Jason really pushed me to let go, and I'm glad that he did.

How would you describe working with Jason?

He's so intuitive and brilliant. It was really nice to be challenged by someone like that every day. The day that I did the firing over the video conference was a really hard day for me, and he and George were both so attentive in the most subtle and quiet and creative ways. That made feel like they were there for me without ever having to say it. There were times when Jason would be in the room with me, and he would read lines with me, just because it was a vulnerable day. And to be surrounded by that kind of big-brother feeling made it a lot easier.

There are a lot of people who are calling you a contender for the upcoming awards season. What is your reaction to the response to your performance?

I'm beyond thrilled that people like the movie and my performance. But as far as that "buzz" word, it's really strange. It's that same feeling -- don't you know I'm from Maine? It almost feels like if people saw how often I'm on the verge of falling apart, there's no way they'd be using my name in the same sentence as "Oscar." 

I feel really out of place in gowns and walking down the red carpet and mingling with people whom I perceive as being so polished and good at everything. Logically, I realize that it's a ridiculous thing to think, but part of me can't help but feel that I'd get kicked out of parties like that.

How does the response to "Up in the Air" compare to the global fascination with "New Moon"?

It's quieter [laughs], in the best way. The "Twilight" thing is strange -- I'm absolutely bewildered by the whole thing, but really grateful to be a small part of it. So many people have had to give up their privacy for it, really, and I've been really lucky so far. It's also nice to play my own age and a more serious role -- it feels really rewarding.

If given the choice, would you rather work on more indie-minded projects like "Up in the Air" or event pictures like "New Moon"?

You hit the nail on the head with "Up in the Air" -- it felt like an indie. I would love to work again with a small cast like this and build a real relationship with the cast, both on and off-screen, as opposed to the proverbial town-meeting feeling of the "Twilight" saga.

BTW - she was also awarded Best Supporting Actress for her role in 'Up in the Air" by the National Board of Review. Go Anna!!! 



Got an Avatar

Thursday December 3, 2009 at 7:58 PM

SO I am excited I just got an avatar!!! Its about time....I Love this place!!



EDIT: What time zone is this site at cause I just posted my comment and It is not that time here?

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