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It's Saturday Night! You Know What Time it is...

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THE NEWEST EPISODE IS HERE FOR YOUR LISTENING PLEASURE!Jenn and Tor interview wolfie author extraordinare Stretch, and they discuss being a J/B writer in a E/B fandom. IT'LL MAKE YOU HOWL!





Saturday November 7, 2009 at 10:36 PM

 SNL FINALLY did a Twilight Spoof. 


Twilight...80's style!

Saturday November 7, 2009 at 9:21 PM

While driving home the other evening with the hubby, we found some of the fabulous 80's jams I have on my iPod and had a rockin' 80's jam fest!  Well, that got me thinking...

What would have the Twilight and or New Moon soundtracks sounded like if this series would have been written 25 years ago?  What songs might we have heard on these soundtracks?  What artist would have been included?  

Come on campers!  We have some true kids of the 80's chillin' on this site!  

GIVE ME SOME INSIGHT!!!  What would you include on the 80's style Twilight/New Moon soundtracks???

My insight on this matter...

For obvious reasons...

Just because I love this freakin' song...

For Stalkerward...


Because, Love is a Battlefield...


And the winners are.....

Saturday November 7, 2009 at 8:47 PM

Introducing the two newest ADF VIP authors

Drumroll please

itzmegan--author of "The Tutor" and "A Rough Start"

Halo Jones author of "I Hate Myself For Loving You" and "Last Rites"

We are sooooooooooooooooo excited. PLEASE WELCOME ITZMEGAN AND HALO JONES TO OUR FOREST!!!





If Only...

Saturday November 7, 2009 at 7:52 PM

I know a lot of people have probably seen this video, but I would LOVE to see this turned into a fanfic.  B/c as far as I know, it's just a story the creators made up for a fanvid series or something like that.  But seriously, this would be a very intriguing fic. 



Like it?  Dislike it?  Don't really care?  lol 


EDIT:  I thought I'd add a little description that SmokeyFiizz put for the vid.  GAH.  Seriously, those girls just need to write this fic. 

Description: Edward Cullen is taken back to a secret in his past life. He has had the memories of Evelyn Faye locked away in the dark corners of his mind for so long, yet they are all so vivid.

Edward was reborn when he was turned into a vampire, but with that rebirth there was also the death of his ability to love. Scarred by the loss of Eve, Edward was not able to feel love again for 89 years. That all changed when he met Bella Swan. We all know the captivating story that is of Twilight. This is the trailer which will take you back to Edward's story in 1918.





Okay, again....because I have NO LIFE!

Saturday November 7, 2009 at 7:28 PM

It's Saturday night, I'm at home.....surprise...so I'm surfing youtube (to stave of boredom and avoid actually writing) and thought I'd share one of my fav vids. When I realise exactly how fail my life is, and I need a pick me up on top of the wine, chocolate and whatever romantic comedy didn't' work...I turn to this....this is for all you ADF'ers who, like me, need a Saturday night pick me up.




YES!!!!! It worked...coutesy of infernal and her linkage genuis....


Okay, Funnny? No? Well, I tried.


Is this promo new?!?!?!

Saturday November 7, 2009 at 6:41 PM

I hadn't seen this one yet. It's great!!!


A butty new trend?

Saturday November 7, 2009 at 6:02 PM

HI EVERYONE! I have a question.............
Is it me or is butt-sex creeping its way across ALL fanfics lately? I am not talking about the ones where you expect it (D/S, BSDM) but in your standard E/B stories. Every time I turn around, Edward is trying to poke Bella THERE. Have you noticed this new trend? Also, Bella is always loving every minute of it and there is never any pain or uncomfortable clean up. Let's discuss

humble pie

Saturday November 7, 2009 at 6:02 PM

kristen looks gorgeous in that new moon promo shit they did at hot topic or whatever that store is.

i was shocked.

when is the last time the twi-verse surprised you?


First Time Posting

Saturday November 7, 2009 at 5:21 PM

 Hello Ladies,

I told PixieVamp that I would finally post.. She is out seeing 100 Monkey's Tonight in Nashville. I envy her seeing Jackson in person.. I think that is awesome. However, have any of you actually hear what they sound like. Who would you compare their sound to.. I said  a mixture of They might be giants, Doors meets Base sounds mets a garage Band.. I said They might Be Giants b/c of the Lyrics, Doors for their deep voice and well the Base.. THEY LIKE their BASE !!!  Now I am thinking about it. I don't know if I was right.. lol! WHAT DO YOU THINK THEY SOUND LIKE .. DO YOU REALLY LIKE THEM ? My jury is still out !!




Saturday November 7, 2009 at 5:13 PM

Hey so I'e been slacking off on my reading lately and am looking for some new FF's to read. Can I get some recs? I feel like I'm missing out on some essential reads.


Oprah better not wimp out

Saturday November 7, 2009 at 5:10 PM

I want her to ask the REAL questions-not stupid fluff ones. Sadly I do not think this will happen as Oprah lost her mojo a long time ago. So tell me fellow campers, what questions would you ask SM?
From SM's official website:

Hi everybody!

I wanted to apprise you all of a few upcoming things.

You know I've been doing the hermit thing this last year, in so far as media is concerned, and I'm not changing that now, but I am making an exception. I'm doing this for a good reason: I am so pleased and amazed and thrilled with what Chris Weitz has done with New Moon that I want to talk about it, and to show my support for him. And since I'm only doing one interview, better make it big. Really big. So....I will be on The Oprah Winfrey Show on Friday, November 13th. Check the local listings on Oprah's website to find out what time it will be on where you live.

Of course, most of the questions for Oprah will be designed for a broader audience than just die-hard Twilight fans, and I imagine people who read this site and other fansites will already know most of the answers. To rectify this, I'm going to answer your more specific questions on-line. The official Twilight Saga website (www.TheTwilightSaga.com) will be taking any New Moon movie-related questions you might have for me, and then I'll answer those most frequently asked. I'll post the answers on the Twilight Saga website and also here on my own site. Questions can be submitted to TheTwilightSaga.com from noon (Eastern Standard Time) on Monday, November 9th through noon Tuesday, November 10th. The answers will be posted Monday, November 16th—or New Moon Premiere Day, as it is known around my house. (Details about submitting the questions will be posted first thing Monday morning at TheTwilightSaga.com, you can also get more information below.)

I'm so very excited that you'll all get to see New Moon in just two weeks! Then you'll see what I'm going on about. Until then, think up some good questions for me.




One year anniversary!!!

Saturday November 7, 2009 at 2:58 PM

It's Nov. 8, 2009!!!

It's been exactly one year since I've sneaked out of the house to go buy Twilight. It's been one year since I've met Edward and the Cullens, and of course our clumsy and danger-prone damsel in distress, Bella.

I remember reading all about the awesome Twilight and that the movie is coming out in the internet. I was curious about it so I did some research, and by research I mean I went to wikipedia. At first, I was wary of buying the book... "What if I don't like it?" "What if people are just exaggerating about this Edward Cullen"  The Twilight book was expensive in the Philippines that time, and it cost me most of my one week allowance. 

I remember loving Twilight and declaring myself as Team Edward that time. I thought that Twilight is the most wonderful book and that SM is the greatest author of all time. Of course, my views were biased that time as I was caught in the hype of Twilight.

As time passes, I've read different fanfictions, read different views about Twilight and my view about the books changed immensely. 

Now tell me, What do you think of Twilight when you first read it and What do you think about it now? How did your views change about the saga? Did Breaking Dawn or the movie lessen your love for Twilight?

I think Twilight is sort of over-rated. There are so many character flaws, and there are some points in the books that  (...uhm.. how to I phrase this?.. ) would make feminist cringe. What I love about Twilight is that it sucked me into it's world while I was reading it. Edward Cullen's words and gentleman ways made me swoon. The vampire thing in Twilight is different from the usual Vampire novels,  I think it can have its own vampire sub-genre or something.. Twilight is marketed for young adults but still there are many middle aged people and even kids who read Twilight, it has the ability to cross gender barriers, which made the Twilight fandom really complex and extensive.

Being addicted to Twilight has also gained me some friends in real life.

The Hat Does Nothing

Boy-Band Fics??

Saturday November 7, 2009 at 2:55 PM

So Me & My Twi Guy Friend [Yeah Im The Luck Few]
Were Having A Convo About The Boy-Band Era.
You Do Remember It Right? Backstreet Boys, N Sync, soul Decision, etc.
Anyways, It Got Me Thinking - Which Is Always a Bad Idea.
1. Did Any Of You Ever Like Any Boy-Bands?
2. What Was/Is/Were Your Favourite Boy-Band(s)?
3. Are There Any Good Fan Fictions Where The Twi-Guys
(The Wolf Pack, The Volturi, The Cullens, a Mixture Of Them All) Are Boy-Bands?
If So Rec Them To Me - Im Craving Boy-Bands Today!
Also Add Your Favourite Song - If You Have One - By A Boy-Band.
Id Love To Hear Them!

My Favourite Boy-Band Of All Time Was;
Back Street Boys

Currently, Im Loving A Swedish Boy-Band called EMD!
Fav Song (Which Was Hard To Pick);
All For Love By EMD

So Yeah, Tell Me In The Comments!
Now Im Heading Back To The 90s (Bad Joke) & My Twi-Guy Friend ^.^


Pretty in Plaid

Saturday November 7, 2009 at 1:06 PM










Can you all see a growing trend in these photos....?


Can you


Can YOU!!!!


That's right. Our poor bbs has been wearing FAR too much plaid lately. Now let's be serious for a second and realise that the only person who actually pulls off the plaid is Rufus Humphrey. And he's gross.

Perhaps we should make a new petition for OUR MAN to get some new shirts and to stop wandering around like a lost hobo at the Hamptons. The flannel has got to go.


Who's with me?



Ashley Greene Maxim Cover

Saturday November 7, 2009 at 12:40 PM

She is HOT-girl always looks good
The Undead Bookworm

What Are Friends For?

Saturday November 7, 2009 at 12:25 PM

So, I was talking to my friend, and as usual, our conversation led to Robert Pattinson...

Me: I want to elope with a blackjack dealer!

My Friend: You want to elope with a black jack dealer and I want to elope with Robert Pattinson!

Me: What do you even see in Robert Pattinson?

My Friend: Everything!

Me: What? From his greasy hair to his Odour De BO?!

My Friend: No, there all lies! He's really funny and laid back! And at least he doesn't have a mohawk that reached the CEILING!

Me: Hey, Jackson doesn't have a mohawk anymore! And, how the heck do you know he's laid back and funny? You don't even know him!

My Friend: I actually watch interviews! And he used to have one, thats all that matters!

Me: So, that means Rob's used to looking like a girl matters too?!



My Friend: Jazzikins? Seriously? It sounds like a stalker!

Me: My behalf or his behalf?

My Friend: His behalf!

Me: Answer this question honestly, please my dear friend. HOW MANY STALKERS DO YOU KNOW GO BY THE NAME OF JAZZIKINS?

My Friend: Now... One!

Me: Well, guess how many I know who go by the name of Rob? One.

My Friend: Leave my Rob alone! He is a broken big hearted gentleman!

Me: He's been in the sack with more woman that you've have years. He is SO not big hearted!

My Friend: And Jacksons innocent?

That's a much shorter version of the conversation! The longer conversation was much more funnier (I was litrally laughing out loud) and included us sharing recent shit the tabliods had made up and complaining about how our local newspaper has nothing better to do than write about a different country (it write stuff about Robsten. Sigh.). But, I didn't want to bore you guys to tears, so I shortened it =D

Anyway back to the point! After that, she came up with these two links:

You Tube Video Of Jackson Rathbone Kissing Ashley Greene

Magazine Article With Jackson Rathbone Kissing Ashley Greene 

So now, she has went on BRB to make cakes (don't ask) and I have promised her that once she gets back I will have proof that Rob goes with girls to. And is NOT innocent!

Thats where you guys come in :)

I need pictures of Rob doing anything with a girl that might imply kissing, and if possible, maybe a picture of him actually kissing someone? The rules are it can't be movie related.

Pictures or videos, I don't care!

Come on people, and especially Jacksper fans out there!




wtvoc is up at Story Telling

Saturday November 7, 2009 at 11:08 AM


You already knew that all of wtvoc/jandco stories are up at Story Telling but NOW you also have the additional reading pleasure of ALL of wtvoc's stories too!

Must Have Been Love

Welcome Home

It's Good To Be Back

Piano Lessons (update coming soon!)

Make sure you go visit her cabin-it's always a wild time over there!



It's southern!stew y'all

Saturday November 7, 2009 at 10:22 AM

Kristens highly anticpated film The Yellow Handkerchief has got a new trailer and poster

It FINALLY got a release date of Febuary 12 2010 for the US






SOURCE and thanks to twilightsagafan and team_kbitch for the heads up

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