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Monday November 9, 2009 at 12:30 PM

G'day Fellow Campers...

Presenting The Undead Bookworm and Speckal ;)

And, today our topic is:

-Drum rolls-


The Undead Bookworm: We were on the yard at lunch, me doing homework for my next lesson and Speckal complaining the floor wasn't comfy and that was somehow my fault. Keep in mind, it was not as if I had held her at gun point and said "sit with me or you shall die", she came over to me.

Speckal: Well, since you didn't seem in any hurry to come over to me, I decided I would have to endure the cold, wet floor.

The Undead Bookworm: Quit the moaning, we all know how cold it was out there. I don't think I have ever been so close to being a human popsicle before today. It puzzles me why everyone decided today was the day to buy ice cream when they never normally do. Anyway, they should totally put rules up against making kids stay out in the freezing cold.



Speckal: I know we are going to come out of the school with health problems; hunched over with wonky shoulders from carrying heavy bags and a damaged immune system from being forced to freeze.


The Undead Bookworm: I agree totally. And before we start rambling on about ice and I find a way to link it to my very intresting Bio lesson today, we should probably get back to the magazine...


Speckal: Err...

The Undead Bookworm: Fine, I'll start, I am not ashamed. I'm a little like Emmett in that way. So, we first discovered the magazine while one of my friends was looking at sex positions... And then I said sexual positions are my forte, so now they think I'm gay. Then the school holy-person-thing-ma-jig came over, and wanted to look at the magazine.

Speckal: And after much hiding, it magically ended up in The Undead Bookworm's hands. Strange, I know.


The Undead Bookworm: And then rude ass over there went and snatched it off me because I started to get overprotective of the magazine. What? I saw a picture of something Twilight related, and my automatic response to anyone who tried to touch the magazine was "back off bitch". Good job we go to an all girls school, otherwise we would have some seriously pissed off boys.

Speckal: Hey, we were supposed to read it together but you had to scream the whole place down. So I took it off you so I could actually read it and then when I gave it back you somehow picked out the all the "juicy" parts as you call them without even reading the rest of it.

The Undead Bookworm: Okay, that's how I role. And I had had no sleep, and still haven't, so leave a girl alone. And the juicy parts were screaming out at me from the page. Rob. Kristen. Hotel. Okay, so now I think we should switch to past talk. Where you get to read what we were saying at the time.

Red for The Undead Bookworm

Blue for Speckal

"Look, Rob and Kristen are staying in a hotel together. They bought out the whole floor. Look at the picture. Doesn't the hotel look great?"

"Do not remind me. Ever since Robsten had their "sleepovers" I have been having bad mental images. Mental images of Rob and Kristen sweaty and dirty and urgh... Not in a good way either."

"Oh my God, Dakota and Kristen are best friends!"


"It says here, "Kristen's best friend Dakota". Apparently, she stayed with them in thier hotel. Imagine how wrong that would be. Rob could be just walking around in his underwear."

"Oh my God, Dakota has joined there sleepovers. Oh my God, she is their threesome partner. Oh, and, even as a Jacksper fan, I wouldn't turn down the offer to see Robert Pattinson in nothing but his underwear. Can't really blame her."

After many after thoughts and discussions of this, we have came to a conclusion. Rob and Kristen are lowering threesome partners into their hotel floor and then kidnapping them and hiding them in one of their many rooms on their hotel floor. Common knowledge that is.

The Undead Bookworm: Well, I haven't had any sleep for the past two days, so I should get some know considering I have been going around like a zombie. And we should probably let Speckal go since she is moaning at me that she can't do her Maths because of me. I am a distraction. You know, you can turn the off button?

Speckal: Hmph!

That's all for now folks...

Thanks to The Undead Bookworm and Speckal ;)











Two videos of Rob on a smoke break

Monday November 9, 2009 at 11:57 AM



Monday November 9, 2009 at 10:59 AM


ETA: Obviously the puppy has been shopped in


More Cast Interviews

Monday November 9, 2009 at 8:35 AM

First up is the AP. Taylor is either an AMAZING public speaker, or he practices in the mirror before every interview. 



Here's Rob's entire 7 minute Entertainment Tonight interview.



Twilight Connections?

Monday November 9, 2009 at 7:13 AM

Does anyone have weird Twilight connections....for example I work on Twilight Hollow Rd. and the first business on that road is Carlisle Excavating?  Weird Huh?? Anyone else have strange Twilight occurrences?


Looking for a Story

Monday November 9, 2009 at 6:22 AM

Good Morning BB's!

I woke up with this story on my mind, and I can not for the life of me remember the title.

The basic theme of the story is, Bella and Jacob are married and happy ( i think he's a cop or a firefighter) and Edward is the ex. Jacob is killed in the line of duty and Edward is the doctor on duty when he's brought in and I think he's the one who breaks the news to Bella. Bella then falls into a deep depression ( I think there is a scene where Edward finds her curled up in the pantry weeping). I didn't get very far in the story so that is about all I remember. Something tells me that Bella may have been pregnant, but I'm not sure about that part.

Anyway, is this a story that any of you guys recognize? If so, can somebody hook a sista up with a link? I would love to know how this one progressed.

And here's a little Yummy to say Thanks in advance!


Rob's HitFix Interview

Sunday November 8, 2009 at 10:08 PM

 Damn, he looks good in this one!


Quoting the article:

When this writer first met Robert Pattinson, he was a relatively obscure British actor who'd received a tiny bit of notoriety from appearing in a "Harry Potter" flick. It was April, 2008 and as we talked on the set of this tiny flick titled "Twilight" during a night shoot in the middle of a small Oregon town, he considered a scenario where he might not continue acting. Perhaps he'd focus on the music side of career, perhaps not. Needless to say, what a difference a year and a half makes.

Arguably up there with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt as one of the most popular celebrities in the world, it's no understatement to say the "Twilight" franchise has completely changed Pattinson's life forever. We spoke again during the "New Moon" press day on Saturday and while it wasn't the 45 minutes I'd been granted when he was "up and coming" not that long ago, it was clear that Pattinson was still as polite, genial and honest as he was back then. 

The 23-year-old joked about how he may just keep working as much as possible because the seclusion of shooting allows him a somewhat "normal life" and went in depth about the differences between working with his "Twilight," "New Moon" and "Eclipse" directors. He also made some particularly intriguing comments about the last "Twilight" installment in particular.




Sunday Night Mayhem Post!

Sunday November 8, 2009 at 8:15 PM

Wolvesnvamps approved me doing this post!

Sooooooooo.....what are you doing tonight? Still watching football? Reading? Movies? Online? How was your weekend? I am nosy and want to know all!

What did everyone think of all the endless Twilight press conferences this weekend? I thought it was overkill-everything blended together for me and they lost their impact.

SNL was very funny-thanks for posting those videos on here! Let's start talking!!!

I thought this picture was funny....

And we are not too far from this.....

You too Gisele? What does Tom think?






People Mag interview...

Sunday November 8, 2009 at 8:09 PM

Robert Pattinson may be a global heartthrob, but when it comes to his own romantic exploits, the Twilight star admits he can be a bit wimpy. "I can't think of a single romantic thing that I've ever done," Pattinson said while promoting the latest installment of the vampire series, New Moon, in Los Angeles Nov. 6.

"I would never serenade someone to be romantic – you have to have so much balls to do that. I put a flower in someone's locker when I was 15 years old, this girl called Maria. She thought that it was someone else and the other guy claimed it as well, which is great."

Despite his claims, Pattinson, 23, says he is a big believer in onscreen romance and balks at the common notion that it's for ladies only. "It's like saying guys can't appreciate romance," he says. "I've watched Titanic and I didn't think, 'Oh, this is a girl's film.'" Similarly, he says, "I felt like the storyline in New Moon is very heartbreaking and true. I didn't think I was doing something just for the sake of romance."

That said, are there any real similarities between Pattinson and his tortured alter ego, Edward?

"I get quite obsessive about things, and possessive as well," says the star. "I have very, very specific ideas about how I want to do my work and how I want to be perceived, to the point of ridiculousness sometimes."

"I don't listen to anyone else," he says. "That's why I don't have a publicist – I can't stand it if someone's trying to tell me to do something which might be a mistake."



Sunday November 8, 2009 at 6:10 PM



RT @DifferentForest @Twilight HEY SUMMIT....have u heard about us yet? YOU WILL! We are here to stay.



La Strana Musica

Who Has The X Factor? Lettuce Discuss!

Sunday November 8, 2009 at 3:58 PM

I just watched the X Factor results show...

Who else is having a WTF moment about Simon's decision?!

I kind of guessed he would leave it to the public vote after he said that he got alot of stick for leaving it to the public vote last week. I seriously thinks he gets off with pissing the public off. The way he smiled and chatted shit tells me hes planning something...

And, guess what, I'm not falling for it. I smell something, and that something is bullshit!

It's obvious that he kept John and Edward in because he want's to get rid of the competition. I mean, lets face it people, the X Factor is fixed! And for some bizarre reason we still watch the shit...

Obviously, Simon Cowell has no guilt. It doesn't enter his head that by playing his little games he is, I don't know:

Ruining Someones Dreams!

Still, I for one, am glad that John and Edward are through.

They piss everyone else off with the fact they are in, which makes me want them to win. And they are quite amusing, except for Same Difference, X Factor live shows has always been like watching paint dry. We all know BGT is where its really at...

And, the obvious point, one of them is called Edward. As in Edward as in Edward Cullen. As in Edward Cullen as in Twilight. As in Twilight as in A Different Forest. See what I did there, I just made a totally non related subject a totally related subject.

Plus, am I the only one who has noticed the hair?!

Excuse me, having a WTF moment about the hair...

Is it me, or does the hair look a little tall? And, maybe a little similar to a certian sparkly Volvo Vampire we know and love?

Do you reckon they do this on purpouse? 'Cause I, as a Jacksper fan, wouldn't put it past Team Edward girls to vote for them just because there hair do resembles Edward's and one of them is called Edward.

So, they are either staying in by (1) the public voting for them to piss off Simon, (2) obcessed Team Edward fangirls are voting for them because of the above reasons, (3) they have entertainment value or (4) all of the options mentioned.

Lettuce Discuss...

Okay, people, time to discuss. Share your opinions and who you want win. Anything. Don't be shy xD

Come On John and Edward =D

For those of you who don't know what the X Factor is, it's a show that gives hopefuls with ambitions of becoming a singer a chance.

And Because I Love You All...


I love this picture. I think this has got to be my favoruite picture of Rob where all of his body parts are covered. He looks so happy and his skin and teeth are glowing. He looks... Radiant.

Does it make me sound stalkerish that I actually search for topless pictures of Jackson here?! I suppose it does. Anyway, all that came of my search was a picture of him looking really scrawny and it was really zoned out. Any help?! Anyway, this is my favoruite pictures of him. Besides the tall black mohawk and plastic green sunglasses one of course...

Twilight does not do this guy justice. He just looks wrong in Twilight, but when you see him 90210... Bam! Sadly, Matt Lanter sort of takes the spotlight from him 90210, and even I admit Matt Lanter is sex on legs. My celeb crush. Plus, Kellans character, George, isn't in it much. But he was topless when he started a fight with Navid once...

I loved this guy before Twilight. I had an obcession with Sharkboy and Lavagirl (that reminds me, I should watch that tonight) and fell in love with Sharkboy and was really jelous of Lavagirl. I even tried making my own little world up, but it didn't come to life. And then, the movie I have ad an obbcession with for years, Cheaper By The Dozen 2 comes out and, whos in it? None other than Taylor Lautner. He is hot! Even more now he has big muscles to go with the glow in the dark teeth!

Give him stick, whatever. I think Mike is pretty cool. And get this... So I was googling Edward Cullen, right? Like I always do. 'Cause I can google it xD! And then the a site comes up, so I click on it. And the first thing I read is "Why Have Edward When You Can Have Mike?" Turns out I was on a Team Mike site ;) Made me realise he is kinda hot!

It's the voice that does it for me. God, that voice... So sexy. Although, the whole light hair and light skin thing doesn't really work on him. The voice does though. Everything about him invites me in, especially his voice... ;)

Who gives a shit if he's Bella's dad?! He is so damn sexy, and his voice is sexy too. Not as sexy as Peter's might Iadd, but still sexy. What?! I have a thing for Police Cheifs I suppouse... Haha!

Yeah, the other TwiGuys don't get mentioned because I do not like them. Feel free to mention guys YOU love though... ;)

Where we? Oh yeah, X factor and opinions...

*Cough* and sexy photos *Cough*



Smoking for how long?

Sunday November 8, 2009 at 3:53 PM

Has Rob ever said how long he's been smoking? Because inquiring minds want to know...


KStew fights the good fight

Sunday November 8, 2009 at 12:28 PM





Getting an early start to the day, Kristen Stewart teamed up with boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard at Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles on Sunday (Novemebr 8).

The “New Moon” actress and her boxing counterpart happened to be on-hand to cut the tape at the annual “Walk to Cure Diabetes” charity event.



RPattz on Jimmy Kimmel leaks

Sunday November 8, 2009 at 12:16 PM



Gossip Cop got a few of the questions that were posed to Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner when the Jimmy Kimmel appearance was taped.


On Friday night the three stars of “New Moon” – Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner – shared a couch on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to tape an episode for broadcast the night the film hits theaters nationwide.

An insider at the show gave Gossip Cop details about the group interview. Here are some of the highlights:

*** Kimmel asked whether they were ever injured doing any stunts. Stewart said she only tripped once during a rehearsal, then jokingly said she’d almost died from it.

*** Pattinson said he “pulled an ass muscle,” with Stewart recalling it had been a “groin muscle.” Pattinson agreed it was a muscle that must have gone all the way around and that it was painful.

*** They also spoke about having a difficult time going out without fans and photographers following them.

*** That said, every now and then, they told Kimmel, they’ll “want to go out for a scream” – which means stepping outside their hotel (or even sticking their heads out of a window) for an instant, uplifting fan reaction.

The full interview will air on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on November 20.




Remember Me Release Date Moved BACK

Sunday November 8, 2009 at 11:24 AM

 Remember Me was originally slated to be released on February 12, 2010. 

Now Summit has moved it back a full month, to March 12th. 




Dakota Fanning in Teen Vogue

Sunday November 8, 2009 at 11:15 AM


She is such a pretty pretty girl. 

what do you guys think? i think it's been cool getting to watch her grow up and mature on the big screen. I remember watching her in Man on Fire with Denzel Washington.



Questions for YOU on Twilight

Sunday November 8, 2009 at 11:14 AM

Last summer I was at Litfest, a huge book festival in Chicago, where I saw Neil Gaiman speak. He said:

"People always ask me why, with all of the new books out there, do I keep re-reading the same series of books I have always read. That's simple,

 I love existing in their world."

This is true. We all know the books of Twilight, we have all read them, but do we keep revisiting them? Maybe we do it through the movies, maybe just fanfiction, or maybe we do read the books over and over again.

So here are your questions of the day:

1. How many times have you read each of the books in the Twilight Saga?

2. How many times have you seen Twilight the Movie?

3. Do you read Twilight Fanfiction and if so, do you prefer Vampire/Wolf stories or All-Human?

4. Ask a question of your own to one of your fellow campers or rangers...

The Undead Bookworm

Would You Like EGGS With That?

Sunday November 8, 2009 at 6:04 AM



I am almost certian this has been brought up here, but I have always been slow so I was hoping you campers could help me out...

I have been thinking alot about this ever since I saw it. I sit there and stare at the picture thinking:


I have came to two conclusions:

(1) Because Bella has that obcession with eggs in BD. Which, I know this is being picky, annoys me to no end. I hate when they put clues into it for later movies.

(2) Showing Bella is fragile. Like an egg is fragile. (I learnt how an egg was fragile when I broke six of them in school. To make me feel better my teacher told me I could get saminella. Thanks.)


PS. Check out my Jazzikins in the background there. HOT!


Press Conference Photos

Sunday November 8, 2009 at 3:57 AM






It's Saturday Night! You Know What Time it is...

Saturday November 7, 2009 at 10:46 PM











THE NEWEST EPISODE IS HERE FOR YOUR LISTENING PLEASURE!Jenn and Tor interview wolfie author extraordinare Stretch, and they discuss being a J/B writer in a E/B fandom. IT'LL MAKE YOU HOWL!



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